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Rockin Rabbit Cock RingAs our regular readers know, vibrating cock rings are one of our favorite types of sex toys, but it’s very rare that we like one enough to both give it a 5 star rating. Well, this is one of those rare instances, because California Exotic Novelties‘ Wireless Rockin Rabbit has impressed us on all fronts.

It’s made of a seamless piece of 4" long synthetic thermoplastic rubber (TPE), which is safe for people with latex allergies, and it has none of the nasty qualities that some TPEs can have. It has no smell at all, and although it will create a considerable amount of friction against the skin if you drag it without lube, it’s not sticky and doesn’t grab your pubic hair. Big plusses there.

It *is* however very squishy and stretchable, so unless it’s confronted with a dick that’s more than 2-1/2" wide, this ring will fit. On the lower end of the spectrum, the opening is only about 1" wide, so it can grip even the smallest shaft enough to provide the restriction needed to produce a harder erection.

On each end is a casing that those with imagination could say looks like bunny heads, one to tickle your gal’s clit, and the other for her anus, in which you stick the removable bullet vibrators. If your lady isn’t cool with the idea of ass stimulation, you could stretch the ring over your cock and balls together and it will move the back tickler out of range. One of these “heads” has a single flexible protrusion, and the other has three, but don’t bother wondering which one goes where; we had success using the ring in both directions.

The vibrators each have 3 speeds controlled by a single push button on the ends. They proved to be completely waterproof during our bathtub test, and are quiet enough that you could use them for a little sneaky public play without anyone noticing. They run on 3 watch batteries each, which lasted longer than most that we’ve tried so they must have done something right with the wiring. Cal Exot includes two full sets of batteries with this automatic male sex machine too, so this isn’t something that you’ll only get a use or two out of before needing to go on a battery hunt.

As for the vibrations, they aren’t jackhammer-strong even on the highest setting, but are enough to make us both feel good. Overall neither of us could find anything *not* to like about this ring, and the only thing the manufacturer could do to improve it would be to make it out of silicone so it could be in our toy box for decades.

This toy has everything I like in a cock ring. It’s easy to get on and off without lube or pain, grips tight, stays in place, and doesn’t flop forward when we’re moving. It also has a decent vibration level that feels good without speeding up the urge to cum too much.

Her point of view:

Dual rings are a hit-and-miss thing from my perspective, but this one seems to be made for my body shape. We’ve tried it in multiple positions and it always seems to hone right in on my clit and arse perfectly. We’ve tried other similarly-shaped cock rings (with dual ends) that turned out to be so bulky they interfered with deep penetration, but the TPE on this one flexes enough that it’s not really a problem. If anything, going deeper makes it even better because the vibrations feel stronger.