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Autoblow 2+ XT

Autoblow 2 XT Blowjob Machine
  • Sleeves can be interchanged Sleeves can be interchanged
  • Industrial strength motor Industrial strength motor
  • Does NOT require batteries Does NOT require batteries
  • Hands free blowjob machine Hands free male sex machine
  • Sleeves are easy to clean Sleeves are easy to clean
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Rends A10 Ultimate Piston

Rends A10 Ultimate Piston
  • Vibrating male sex machine Vibrating male sex machine
  • Does NOT require batteries Does NOT require batteries
  • 100% Hands free 100% Hands free
  • Sliding scale of speed Sliding scale of speed
  • Easy to clean and store Easy to clean and store
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1ˢᵗ The Autoblow 2

First Place

Best Male Sex Machine Review: THE Autoblow 2

Between its awesome feel and impressive durability, the Autoblow 2 is certainly one of the best male sex machines around. Read on to find out if it's for you!

Hang on, give me a second.


And... TIME!

How was I typing while using the Autoblow 2?

This state-of-the-art male sex machine operates on its own entirely, and doesn't require any hand support. Ironically enough, this is one of the smaller benefits of the device, but its presence tells the story of the Autoblow 2: a revolutionary product with too many benefits to count, and something to please every possible user.

That's right: the Autoblow 2 is quite possible the best sex machine on the market, as it provides pleasure that will be enjoyed by most every user.

But let me back up. The Autoblow 2 is an outstanding blowjob machine created by Brian Sloan, an industry revolutionary. The product took years to design and manufacture, but for good reason; it compiled every positive point of the male sex machines of the past and modernized them, integrating only the highest-quality features into its final design.

And it should go without saying that these features are plentiful.

First, the Autoblow 2 is a male sex machine designed by people, for people - all people, as a matter of fact. Its removable and interchangeable sleeves are convenient, but they also allow men to choose a size that's best for them (there are three different AB2 sleeve-size options). In short, the Autoblow 2's sleeve system is convenient, and guarantees pleasure for every user - a benefit not offered by male sex machines of the past (and many devices today).

Autoblow 2 Sleeve SizesNext, the Autoblow 2 feels absolutely incredible to use. Its sleeves and materials are smooth, soft, and incredibly realistic - the device feels pretty darn good, in the same ballpark of the "real thing" for sure. Its excellent base feel is complemented by a variable speed option, which means that the device can provide a small warm-up, a medium-speed stroke, or a lightning-fast pleasure, all within seconds.

Finally, the Autoblow 2 takes convenience to a whole new level. The problems, deficiencies, and issues that plagued the male sex machines of the past have all been resolved here.

Frustrating cleaning and maintenance are no more, as the Autoblow 2 can be cleaned in less than one minute per use.

The device is simple and easy to clean - no more hassle and no more frustration. As its inner sleeves once again pop-out with ease, they can be rinsed and cleaned under a faucet in no time at all. This cleaning process probably sounds simple to some readers, and that's because it is. When referring to male sex machines, simple cleanings are always better.

On a similar note, the Autoblow 2 takes the frustrating power processes of yesterday's products and tosses them aside. Long gone are the days of locating fifteen AA batteries, only to have your device run out of juice at the worst possible time!

The Autoblow 2 plugs directly into the wall, in a safe and effective manner. Its long cord can stretch to reach distant outlets, and truthfully, this simple power system is one of the best parts of the Autoblow 2 as a whole.

While each of these benefits is valuable in their own right, their culmination is what works to push the Autoblow 2 so far ahead of the competition. The device provides the most pleasure of any male sex machine on the market, is convenient to use, and can be purchased for a surprisingly affordable rate.

Buying the Autoblow 2 was one of the best decisions that I ever made, and I suspect that you'll feel the same way after you use the device as well.

And one of the largest dilemmas in purchasing the device - your wife - will probably also find something to enjoy here. Take the story of my wife's first experience with the Autoblow 2 as proof:

Because she was out of town and not scheduled to return home until the afternoon, I decided to explore some alone time with my new Autoblow 2. Plugged in, lubed up, and all-too-ready to begin, I engaged in a progressively faster session.

But somehow, I must have missed the sounds of my wife entering (between the porn playing on my TV, the porn playing on my computer, and the porn playing on my phone, things were pretty loud).

I was embarrassed, but she dropped her bags and let out a sigh of relief.

"I guess this means you don't have to bother me tonight - awesome!" she said.

The Autoblow 2 pleases everyone, male or female, in some way. Go ahead and make the purchase to see for yourself.

2ᶮᵈ Venus for Men

Automatic Male Sex Machine Review: Venus for Men

With a 300-stroke-per-minute ability and a custom-built design, the Venus has established itself as an outstandingly pleasurable pumping sex machine.

Unique, pleasurable, and sophisticated, the Venus for Men is one of the best automatic male sex machines on the market.

Carefully designed with the convenience and enjoyment of the users in mind, the Venus is an expensive unit, plain and simple. If you're looking for a cheap, disposable male sex machine, it's best to look elsewhere.

Venus For Men

But if you're looking for an ultra-durable and top-notch male sex toy, the Venus is your answer. It has a number of awesome features integrated into is design and model.

The first benefit of the Venus comes in the form of its mesmerizingly smooth general sensation. The device is crafted from the softest, most realistic, and most of all, some of the most pleasurable, materials around. Simply put, the Venus's core materials feel better than a real vagina.

Alright, maybe that last statement is arguable. But this next one isn't: the Venus for Men does things for its users that humans simply cannot do. With a minimum of eight strokes per minute, the Venus tops out at a rate of one hundred and fifty strokes per minute!

Now, if that figure - one hundred and fifty strokes - were accurate, it would be impressive in its own right. But it doesn't tell the entire story of the Venus. The device can pump at twice that rate - an astonishing three hundred strokes per minute!

You read that correctly - the Venus can provide you with 300 strokes per minute - a rate of 5 strokes per second!

Just to be clear and emphasize how awesome this is, three hundred strokes per minute means that users will experience five strokes per second! Now I know the men and women of today are capable of some incredible things, but that - that's just not realistic.

The features of the Venus don't end there. Outside of its awesome feel and ridiculously overpowered motor is the sort of convenience that one would expect - quick cleanup, wall-in-plug power system, hands-free use, and custom squeeze power, etc. Sure, all of these things are important, but everyone once again expects them in a device of the Venus's caliber. But the unit does well to encompass several other features which can hardly be found elsewhere.

The Venus is quiet - really quiet. Unlike many other products on the market, this soft-spoken behemoth allows for relatively stealthy use. This is a massive plus for many readers and users, and is incredibly impressive when considered alongside the fact that the unit is capable of producing three hundred pumps per minute!

And while you're probably busy imagining your own use right now, consider this story of mine that does well to demonstrate just how awesome - and inspirational - the Venus is.

In my small town, a local student wanted nothing more than to be an astronaut when he grew up. He had been a part of our community since he was born, and everyone knew of his affinity for space; he was commonly referred to as "Astronaut Al".

Well during his senior year, the stars seemed to align for Al. He was set to head off to a top-level school to major in whatever sort of nerdy space science he wanted. If anyone could be a successful astronaut, it was Al.

But then Al got involved with a bad crowd - the Bruisers. To this day I'm unsure of how it happened, but the Bruisers were - and are - bad news. Before long, he started to miss more and more school, and his grades slipped. But then the arrest came.

Al was found, under the influence and naked, outside of the local bistro that specialized in submarine sandwiches. His Bruiser "family" had left him. And when a group of Al's classmates passed by, they made a snide remark about his junk not looking much like a footlong. It was a painful scene.

After the arrest, Al had nothing. He wasn't a bruiser or a college prospect; he was lost. Feeling bad, I anonymously placed a Venus for Men unit on his door step, along with an encouraging note.

A couple of weeks later, Al was rejuvenated. He said that Venus was cooler than he ever imagined. Today, he is a fast-rising male sex machine engineer.

You read that correctly as well - the Venus for Men can make dreams come true.

The Venus made Al's dreams come true, and it will damn well make yours a reality as well. Enjoy.

3ʳᵈ Rends A10 Ultimate Piston

Male Sex Machine Review: Rends A10 Ultimate Piston

Some intelligent sex machine experts in the Land of the Rising Sun have created one of the best vibrating sex toys in the world in the Rends A10.

Although Japan has long been known as an innovative country that's always on the edge of a new technological development, they really have taken male sex machines to a new level with the Rends A10 Ultimate Piston.

Rends A10 Ultimate Piston

This vibration-heavy device has been enjoyed by a ton of satisfied customers already. By combining its ultra-pleasurable vibration function (which can be set to seven different speeds and styles) with a slick, up-and-down general movement mechanism, the Rends A10 has done well to relay a boatload of unique sensations to users. Vibration really is an art, when properly managed.

After using the Rends A10 Ultimate Piston, you'll agree that properly executed vibration is an art.

But the benefits of the Rends A10 don't end there.

The machine can easily be powered, by connecting an electrical cord directly into an outlet. Moreover, the contents of the Rends A10 packaging include adapters for most every outlet in the world, be it in Europe, Asia, or the States (international travelers and men of mystery can enjoy the Rends A10 as well!).

Additionally, cleaning the Rends A10 is simple and effective - like you'd expect. A bit of warm water and perhaps some antibacterial toy soap will do the trick, and the entire process doesn't take very long at all.

The relative realism of the Rends A10 is another unique, high-quality selling point. Although real vaginas don't vibrate, they do pulsate and move in reaction with the cues of the partner - and so does this device. Users will enjoy the realistic pulsating and subtle movements of the Rends A10, which definitively complement and accentuate an enjoyable and pleasurable overall experience.

And outside of these purely technical benefits, the Rends A10 actually provides users with some awesome negotiating ammunition, for use in arguments or dialogues with their significant other. Take this interaction between me and my long-time girlfriend as proof.

All of you hubbies and boyfriends who can't seem to win an argument with your girl should note this important story about the Rend's negotiating benefits.

We'd been having a little bit of a disagreement over what type of shades to get for our new apartment - a stupid argument, I know, but the biggest ones usually are.

In any case, we both made our way to bed on a Tuesday, which was our designated "fun in bed night". I was pumped up for this, but when I tried to get things started with some light foreplay (a hand on her shoulder), she said she was tired, and not in the mood. Normally this would have been fine, but I couldn't help but suspect that the drapes might have something to do with her mood.

"Does this have anything to do with the drapes?" I asked bluntly.

"No", she replied. "I'm just tired."

But I could tell from her tone that it really did. Annoyed, but not out of options, I pulled my Rends A10 out from under the bed. My girlfriend hadn't known about the machine until this point.

"What are you doing?" she asked in a worried tone.

"Spending the night with my other lady friend." I replied jokingly.

Long story short, my girlfriend was jealous. Really jealous.

She caved on the drapes right on the spot, and even offered to honor "fun in bed night". But I wasn't interested, as I told her that it would be rude for me to leave in the middle of a date with the Rends. My girlfriend understood, and from that point on, she hasn't disagreed or even fought with me, because she's scared of the possibility of me adopting the Rends A10 as a go-to source.

I wasn't kidding when I said that the Rends A10 Ultimate Piston provides some noteworthy and wide-raging benefits. If you love massages, pleasure, value, reliability, good times, or any combination of these things, you shouldn't hesitate to buy the device; it really is one of the best male sex machines on the market.

If we're done here, I want to go pitch my girlfriend the idea of a new flatscreen - with the help of the Rends.

4ᵗʰ Puchi SOM Compact Machine

Puchi Som Compact Machine Review

Japanese male sex toy experts have done it again; the Puchi Som is unlike any sex machine you've ever used before, plain and simple.

"I haven't had a blowjob that good in years." When I said this, I was being nice to my current and past lovers, because realistically, I've never had a blowjob as good as that provided by the Puchi Som.

But still, once again, that's what I said directly after using the Puchi Som, and there's a damned good chance you'll feel the same way. This Japanese pleasure wizard has been expertly designed to replicate the sensation of an oral outing - and it definitely does so successfully.

Puchi Som

The inner sleeve of the Puchi Som is removable, which allows for easy cleanups. Sure, its materials are smooth and soft as well, but it really nails the realism and pleasure with its inners bumps and ridges, which complement an already unique and thrilling experience. Seriously, the texture of the Puchi Som is one of its highest points, and will definitely leave you ready for the next session directly after the last one ended.

The Puchi Som's variable speeds aren't overly diverse - there are two. If you're looking for a fast-paced, over-the-top pump machine, it's best to look elsewhere. But if you're looking for a device equipped with two different speeds which do well to imitate the rate in which most real-world BJs are administered, the Puchi Som is the answer.

If you're looking for a compact and easily storable device that doesn't skimp on pleasure, the Puchi Som also has you covered.

As the latter part of the Puchi Som Compact Machine's name suggests, the device really is compact. Small, smooth, and easy-to-store, you won't be overwhelmed by the machine's size like you may very well be by so many others. But just because it's smaller, once again, doesn't mean that the Puchi Som skimps on pleasure.

Between the name, general style, and "Made in Japan" mark of the device, it's fair to say that it has a noticeably Japanese feel to it. This is a plus in the vast majority of situations, but not all of them. Take my example/warning as proof.

Warning: If discovered by your partner, the Puchi Som may very well provide the indication that a trip to Japan is eminent, as I found the hard way.

One day I threw the headphones on and decided to have some fun with my Puchi Som machine. Things were going well for the first few minutes, until my wife - who was supposed to be out with friends - came home early because of a last-minute rescheduling. She caught me, without an excuse, and I was shocked. I didn't know what to say, so I let her do the talking.

"Is that the Puchi Som Compact Machine?" she inquired.

"Yes?" I replied with uncertainty.

"Oh my gosh, we're going to Japan! I love you!" she exclaimed as she threw her arms around my embarrassed frame.

To this day, I don't know how she knew where the Puchi Som was from. Nor do I know why she assumed that my using the device meant we were going to Japan. But after she had a positive reaction, I wasn't willing to rock the boat. I drained my savings for a ten-day vacation to the Land of the Rising Sun - Puchi Som factory tour included.

Although the device itself is very affordable, it's important to note that the Puchi Som can lead to some unforeseen costs if you're not careful.

But if you are appropriately cautious, and are also in the market for one of the most realistic and pleasurable BJ-simulators around, this device is for you. The Puchi Som is made by experts, for experts - it really does cover each and every base. The machine is easy-to-clean, fun-to-use, affordable, pleasurable, unique, and exciting.

And in today's crowded field of male sex machines, what more can you ask for?

If you're interested, you should go ahead and purchase the Puchi Som. I'm impressed, and you will be too.

PS - Japan is awesome, and that factory tour really was an eye-opener!

5ᵗʰ Cobra Libre 2

Male Sex Machine Review: COBRA LIBRE II

Don't be intimidated by its name - the Cobra 2 won't bite, but it will definitely provide impressive pleasure and enjoyment for your needs.

The COBRA LIBRE 2 is an innovative and high-quality penis massager that will provide you with an experience like none other. If you value simplicity and pleasure, this device is for you.

Forget all of the massive, pumping and crazy, comically quick, stroking offered by other devices. The COBRA focuses exclusively on the center for pleasure - that is, the penis head. This is where the action is at, this is where real and memorable pleasure is encountered.

But this is also a point that a lot of other sex machines ignore.

Simplicity, practicality, and sheer pleasure meet and embrace within the COBRA LIBRE 2.

The COBRA 2 is composed of two different motors and a single, ultra-powerful, usage area. Simply applying it to the head to let it work is all the effort that's required on your end. Practical and easy.

But after this placement, you'll enter a world of sensations - a world of unimaginable pleasure. A world that is made possible by closely studying the tried and tested penis-massage techniques of a ton of professionals. 11 different massage patterns assure that you'll be stimulated, relaxed, and truly having a good time until the very end of the experience.

Cobra Libre 2

And the ease and simplicity of the COBRA 2 doesn't end there.

The device is equipped with a simple-charge system, in the form of an inner battery pack. Its charge will last for a while, and can easily be restored without the hassle of batteries or the potential frustration of a power cord.

The COBRA 2 is also easy to clean and maintain. A simple bit of water and perhaps a tiny amount of toy-specific disinfectant will get the job done, and its durable nature guarantees that the device will be in top-notch shape for many years to come.

I know the COBRA'S development team closely, as I have personally traveled to their German headquarters. While there, one of the device's lead designers had a funny and inspiring tale relating to the COBRA 2.

More than being an awesome device, the COBRA has the ability to bring loved ones together.

For years, he had been rivals, more or less, with a cousin in his family. Their mutual disdain had started decades earlier, and had been raging ever since. The two openly tried to find out as much about the other as they could, to criticize and critique. Well the cousin of my designer friend heard about his rival's work on the COBRA 2, and at a family party, he let loose.

A barrage of insults and largely baseless criticisms were tossed to the developer, from his rival cousin who had clearly been drinking. Normally, these comments would have stopped ages ago. But today, the man was going over the edge. He specifically insulted my developer friend with this comment:

"Why would anyone want to put a COBRA on their dick?"

Making fun of the developer himself was one thing, but his work had always been off limits. Frustrated, he removed a COBRA 2 from behind a recliner (he always seemed to have a spare nearby) and challenged his mouthy cousin.

"Shut your mouth and use it, and then you will see." he said as he handed a confused cousin an unopened COBRA. Drunk, embarrassed, and a little bit curious, the cousin retreated to a bedroom (to the dismay of the hosts), before returning to the party about 45 seconds later. Their fight has silenced everyone, and when he returned, the room grew quiet once again.

"Well?" the developer demanded.

"I am sorry for the years of misplaced ridicule and abuse which I have inflicted upon you" he replied. "You are the better man."

The cousin was so blown away - so mesmerized - by the ability of the COBRA 2 that he realized that the developer must have been a smart and good man. The two have been close ever since.

You'll probably feel the same as this cousin after using the COBRA 2. It's unique, affordable, pleasurable, and truly a good time. If you're ready to stop wasting your time with the crazy, brute-strength pump and stroke toys of today, the COBRA LIBRE 2 is waiting.