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Rocks Off Hand SoloThe Rocks Off Hand Solo is a different style of sex machine for men. It’s different because it isn’t designed to cover the entire circumferance of a penis. A big plus for the toy is that you can actually control the tightness by squeezing the flaps that wrap around the penis. Big thank you to the trusted sex toy store Nice ‘n’ Naughty for supplying this toy for testing and our review.

Design / Shape / Size

As mentioned above this toy is unlike most other ‘masturbation sleeves’ and due to its nature we cannot really call this masturbator a sleeve. Like most other Rocks Off products the Hand Solo is made of soft silicone (except from the bullet).

At the top of the sex toy is a handle which allows better control of the product. We found if we just put our fingers in it kept slipping whilst thrusting and felt awkward, if we put our entire hand in however we had much more control and felt comfortable.

What we call the ‘flaps’ wrap around the penis and would accommodate large and very small girths very easily thanks to the non sealed design. These flaps are very flexible so when holding the Hand Solo we can press down on them to get a tightness you want. We really like the idea of user chosen tightness on a masturbator so that’s good to see.

On the inside of the flaps lay a varied amount of types of nodules including 5 different sized balls and ribs. These nodules mainly lie in the centre of the flaps which also rests on the bullet vibrator. This side we feel is designed to stimulate the highly sensitive frenulum (underside of the penis head).

We were quite surprised how hard the nodules are to the touch. This raised doubts in our minds how the Hand Solo would perform. Unfortunately these concerns were realized once we started using the toy as the experience was very lacklustre (for more on our experience information with this toy skip to experiences).

This masturbator is completely waterproof including the bullet so using it in the bath or shower is possible. Just be sure not to use silicone based lubricant even though it’s more waterproof as it will damage the toy.

Functions and Controls of the Rocks Off Hand Solo

Like most other Rocks Off toys the vibrations of the Hand Solo are controlled via a powerful RO-80mm bullet vibrator. The bullet sits in a snug slot just above the nodules which helps to combat vibration strength drain. The hole is a standard bullet diameter so placing a different bullet inside the toy is possible.

The RO-80mm is a buzzy type of vibrator and quite noisy but this is muffled when placed inside the Hand Solo unit. Behind a closed-door we could hear the vibrations quite easily however. The bullet has one vibration strength which is powerful but has no patterns to speak of. As it’s a simple bullet you can imagine it’s simply controlled, which it is by a basic push button at the top to switch on/off.

Cleaning and Care

As the toy is 100% waterproof cleaning is very simple with some hot soapy water and some sex toy cleaner. Due to the nodules inside the water needs to be quite hot as liquid can accumulate between them and cooler water doesn’t remove it.

The Hand Solo is much easier to clean than most male masturbators. This is because others tend to be sealed so getting access to the inside is difficult or impossible. This is a big plus for the Hand Solo as we enjoy hygienic toys.

His Experience

“As soon as I felt the nodules inside with my hands I was pretty sure I wasn’t going to enjoy this toy. The nodules are far too hard even with large amounts of lube. Rubbing the Hand Solo against my penis wasn’t really pleasurable to a point I actually became soft. The vibrations are quite strong because of the RO-80mm and I like how I can vary the tightness of the toy.”

Her Experience

“Having felt the nodules of the Hand Solo I can imagine why Steve didn’t enjoy using it. I do like that it’s easy to clean due to it’s unclosed nature though and the powerful RO-80mm bullet. I have my eye on the bullet myself and in future I may just use it on me as I really like the performance of it.”

Overall Opinion

We applaud Rocks Off for thinking outside the box with the Hand Solo but where it needed to perform (the nodules) it failed for us due to the hardness. It’s extremely rare for a toy to make Steve go flaccid during use but the experience with it wasn’t a good one.

The idea of the toy is a good one with the strong vibrations and the easy cleaning so we hope Rocks Off decide to make a Hand Solo 2 with softer nodules.