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  • Sleeves are easy to clean Sleeves are easy to clean
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Rends A10 Ultimate Piston
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Male Sex Machine Review: Vibro Pink Lady

The Fleshlight Vibro Pink LadyYou'll be sure to remember who this lady is after using her once; the Vibro Pink Provides top-notch pleasure and sexual excitement for her users.

Who's that lady?

Vibro Pink Lady

Tight and Sexy Lady

Alright, that's not how the famous Isley Brothers tune goes, but if the Vibro Pink Lady were around when they wrote it, these lyrics may very well be correct.

Fleshlight has done it again, firmly establishing its position in the ever-crowded and innovative male sex machine landscape of today, with the Vibro Pink Lady. Through some relatively simple, yet incredibly intelligent and pleasurable updates and additions, the Vibro Pink Lady stands to be the company's best offering yet.

One of the pioneers of the male sex machine industry, Fleshlight, has proven a commitment to the customers and the future with the Vibro Pink Lady.

On the outside, the Pink Lady appears to house the traditional style and sensations of the company's usual products. And while this iconic look is still intact, there are once again a number of modern upgrades boasted by the unit.

First, the "Vibro" in the machine's name originates from its easily installable inner "Fleshlight Bullets". Specifically designated placement areas for these bullets can be found within the device, and the bullets are designed to create a unique and soothing vibration experience. Moreover, three Bullets are included with each Pink Lady, although they can be installed and used as specified by the customer (the machine will operate with one, two, or three bullets, installed in placement areas chosen by the user, once again). Accordingly, individuals can find which muscle activations and sensations are most enjoyable for them, through experimentation and strategic Bullet placements - a freedom offered by very few, if any, other male sex machines.

The Fleshlight Vibro Pink LadyThis upgraded vibration system has been paired with one of the most pleasurable materials ever to leave the Fleshlight factories. The soft and enjoyable SuperSkin sleeve will do well to complement and expand upon the sensations experienced by users, as it is both realistic and adventurous - a difficult balance to adopt.

A positive for many users and readers, the pleasure provided by the Vibro Pink Lady snowballs once again, with the inclusion of an adjustable-pressure cap. This small endcap allows users to, based upon their mood and desired experience, change the pressure of the Pink Lady to provide the maximum pleasure; turning one direction will loosen the device's grip, while the other direction will tighten it. Although many other devices claim to be "air tight", the Vibro Pink Lady really is - and for each and every user, no less.

A product as innovative and pleasurable as the Pink Lady could have easily skimped on the expected features that can make or break a device - durability, ease of use, simplicity, etc. - but the experts at Fleshlight have us covered. The product's interchangeable sleeves can easily be cleaned, and customers can expect to enjoy many, many uses (I can attest to this)!

I'd be doing the readers and users of the Pink Lady a disservice if I didn't mention some of the device's potential drawbacks.

If not carefully used, though, the Pink Lady can create some real problems, as I found out the hard way.

The Fleshlight Vibro Pink LadyWhen I first received my Pink Lady order in the mail, I was absolutely pumped (dumb pun noted and intended). After the first use, I was even more excited for the next one, and so on and so forth. After a while, I got so thrilled by the prospect of using my Pink Lady that I didn't really look forward to much of anything else. But as this first weekend of constant pleasure ended, I realized that on Monday, work would interrupt my plans.

Heading to the office on Monday wasn't easy, but I somehow did it. On that specific day, our boss had prepared a big, office-wide reception for a big-fish client - the kind of deal that was worth more than ten normal-sized contracts. I was to give the main presentation to this client.

And as I stood upon the small podium, delivering my speech that was prepared and edited weeks before, I thought I was in the clear.

I was wrong.

Certain trigger words can cause some serious problems for users.

"And once again, the numbers behind this explosive partnership are nothing short of revolutionary, set to shake the foundation of the entire industry" I firmly stated.

The words "explosive" and "shake" lingered in my mind, and I briefly got tripped-up in my presentation. And then, to my amazement, my personal unit (to put it nicely) began to vibrate - just as it did when I used the Pink Lady.

From what I could gather, my body so strongly desired the Pink Lady that when the trigger words that reminded me of her were introduced, I lost control. The podium began to shake, worried and confused employees offered to help, and when I stepped out from behind the podium, by already tight pants were stretched even further by - look, you get it.

We may have lost the deal, and I may have lost that job, but I wasn't upset in the least. Good deals and jobs come around all the time. Innovative sex machines like the Vibro Pink Lady, my friends, don't.

Enjoy your product safely, and try to avoid the trigger words when possible.