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Autoblow A.I.

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Rends A10 Ultimate Piston
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Betty will be your go-to gal after a single use. If you don't believe me, read on to find out just why this is true (or go ahead and use the machine!).

Bangin' Betty Stroker KitI have to admit, I was a little bit taken back by the appearance and style of Bangin' Betty before use. It's so incredibly hard to find a sexy, soft, realistic, and full-sized male masturbation machine today, that I couldn't help but be stunned by the device. And when it was finally time to put Betty to use, I was even more surprised.

Everyone likes diversity and variety, and Betty understands that. The ultra-soft and smooth unit has two holes for entry, to use as you'd like. Both the ass and the traditional vagina of the unit are pleasurable, firm, and carefully made. Once again, the material and feel of the device itself really does complement the experience, and the realism and overall sensation is further enhanced by the firm cheeks available for grabbing.

Between her outer texture and the impressive quality of her holes, Bangin' Betty is just plain pleasurable.

Bangin' Betty Stroker KitThe realism of the overall experience must be briefly noted as well, as I was very impressed with how tight the holes felt (and how close to their real-life counterparts they were). Readers and users who are very specific about the detail of their sex machines will appreciate the nice tattoo that the unit is equipped with.

Specifically with a device like this, though, prospective customers probably cannot help but wonder about the cleanup. Unlike many similarly shaped and designed toys of the past, Bangin' Betty is open-ended, and can be easily rinsed through with water and cleaner. Frankly, years of product designing has allowed the experts behind Betty to make the cleanup process simple; there's nothing like that to worry about here.

The value provided by Betty is astonishing. It's once again so very hard to find a device of this quality, detail, feel, durability, and size for less than one hundred dollars, but Betty is available for considerably lower than that. She will please you and your wallet.

Bangin' Betty's value is further enhanced when her sales price - well under $100 - is considered.

Betty is so awesome that she may very well be loved by all of your friends and family members too.

A little bit of background: I've been a bachelor for quite some time, as I'm not overly eager to rush into marriage. My family - specifically my parents - had grown used to this point. They regularly saw a girlfriend of mine at one holiday, only to find that things didn't work out by the next one; my poor mood was always a confirmation of a relationship-gone-bad, and there wasn't a girl by my side.

In any case, being the observant and caring individuals that they were, my parents noted to me that I seemed especially happy - and had been for the last few months - although they hadn't met a new girl.

This is because the girl that was making me so happy was Bangin' Betty. I didn't know how to break the news, and honestly didn't plan to.

"I know what's going on here!" my mother concluded. "He's scared that we'll ruin his relationship!"

"Is that it, son?" my father asked. "Are you really that ashamed of us?"

Bangin' Betty Stroker KitMy parents were hurt, and nothing that I could say was changing that. Finally, I relented: I would bring my girlfriend to our next family event.

Relieved, my parents inquired as to her name.

"You can call her Bangin' Betty" I firmly replied.

Long story short, Bangin' Betty and her relatives have become fixtures of our family parties - she's become a member of our family! She might not talk or move, but me - and my family - loves the simplicity. Every time we get together, another relative is boasting a beautiful Betty on his arm.

But I was the first one to take the plunge - to connect with Betty.

Most everyone in my family is happy today, and not just because of the pleasure provided by Bangin' Betty. For instance, whereas we'd normally discuss and fight about politics on Thanksgiving, Betty knows just the right thing to say to keep everyone calm.

"I don't know, what do you think about the state of foreign policy, Betty - was it overly convoluted or necessarily complex?"


And that's just what everyone wanted to hear!

The only person who isn't sold on Betty is my old-fashioned Grandpa Ned. We haven't seen him in a while, and he made it clear that he thinks we're a bunch of "weird bastards".

Maybe so, but when being weird feels as good as it does with Betty, I'll choose to be odd every time. Betty is a soft, affordable, smooth, and durable device that will provide you with a ton of pleasure for many years to come.