Your Official Guide to Male Sex Machine

My guide will mold your interest in sex machines for men into a full-blown obsession, in basic info and the best male sex machines on the market alike.

I'm your new favorite, one-stop source for the best male sex machine information and products around. Simply put, your hard-earned money is too important to squander on a cheap-plastic male sex machine - getting stuck with a low-quality device is like paying for pain. More pressingly, I can't stress how dangerous a low-quality product can be - I've had friends get stuck inside those things!

The point is that I have the experience and knowledge to help you find the best possible product for your needs and preferences. And I haven't just been the victim of the ill effects of cheap sex machines for men, either.

I've also tried some state-of-the-art, absolutely incredible devices. The kind of devices that are able to turn the dreariest of days positive, the kind of sex machines that provide an incredible amount of pleasure that rivals - or surpasses - the real experience.

The kind of male sex machines that have redefined the industry, allowing it to become one of the fastest growing in the world.

Simply put, the male sex machine industry is bigger and better than ever before - but still hasn't come close to peaking.

Male Sex MachineAnd as this industry is larger and more diverse than ever before, customers are presented with more options and variations in their sex toy choices. To the average Joe, the sheer mass of male sex machines can be overwhelming - not to mention the stress of determining exactly which devices are well-made and worth purchasing.

But like the quality of the devices, I've got intel on the various types of male sex toys, and will help you to find a device (or devices, for the variety-lovers) that's perfect for you. For instance, a timid and generally weak individual probably shouldn't use the Autoblow 2 - that thing requires some real stamina and power!

Seriously though, even if you don't know a thing about male sex machines, you can leave this site an expert after a couple of quick reads (with a reasonable amount of humor integrated, to help the knowledge flow easier - think of my jokes as the text equivalent to lube for your male sex machine).

And on a brief, off-topic note, you should most always use lube with your device. I had another friend - Skinless Steve (note the past-tense nature of “had”) - who got real fired up to use his new automatic male sex machine - so fired up that it went straight from the package to his unit, without any lubrication whatsoever.

And then he went straight to the hospital - and almost the morgue. Needless to say, this was an emotional experience for both of us; him because he almost lost one of his most valuable tools, and me because I had never laughed that hard before.

Especially for you big-letter-loving quick skimmers, it's important to note that lube is a must for each and every male sex machine.

If my writing simply isn't doing it for you, take away that ultra-important lesson as you go: any automatic sex machine for men requires LUBRICATION BEFORE USE. If you don't pay close attention to this point, there's a good chance you'll end up like Skinless Steve.

But that's about all I have in terms of warnings and information - if you're still reading, there's a good chance that you'd like to become knowledgeable in everything related to the best male sex machines. And I will happily take you under my wing.

You've already demonstrated more know-how than Skinless Steve and the countless other idiots I've seen literally become one with their low-quality male sex toy. And that's a step in the right direction.

Buckle up and prepare to be schooled in one of the fastest-growing industries in the world today. And remember, the best male sex machine manufacturers aren't just offering physical products - they're offering pure and unadulterated pleasure.

And that's what counts in life - pleasure.

Maximize your physical pleasure and knowledge by reading on to discover the magical ins and outs of the male sex toy industry with your new favorite expert.

The Various Types of Male Sex Machines

Vibrating Male Sex Machines

Vibrating Male Sex Machines

Vibrating male sex machines enhance the overall pleasure of users by allowing them to activate ultra-enjoyable, variable-speed vibrations. These vibrations have been tested and designed to provide for the best user experiences, so you can rest assured that when you purchase a reputable device, it won't feature ridiculous and simply undesirable vibration patterns.

Vibrating devices have come a long way in recent times. Their thorough movement creates an enjoyable massaging sensation for the user, which will do well to provide a memorable and unique type of enjoyment. Moreover, vibrating sex toys are notable for being entirely “free-standing”. Whereas most of the other device types try to encompass motions and feelings provided by real-life sexual experiences, vibrating machines will try to please users with an experience that cannot be found elsewhere. For as awesome as they are, real vaginas can't vibrate!

It's also worth noting that vibrating sex machines are normally found as hybrids of other types - mainly realistic and stroker types. For instance, a realistic sex machine can be just that - designed for a realistic experience - but can also be equipped with an optional vibration feature (effectively making it a realistic, vibrating male sex machine).

For anyone interested in something more - an entirely unique sensation that simply cannot be found elsewhere - vibrating male sex machines such as the Autoblow 2+ are the way to go, either in a standalone form, or much more realistically, as a hybrid of another type of male sex machine.

Pump-Based Male Sex Machines

Pump Male Sex Machine

Pumping sex toys are perfect for those concerned with a new, exciting, and hands-off type of pleasure that cannot be replicated elsewhere.

Pumps, as their name suggests, provide users with a variable-speed pumping motion, which they control (normally through a hand-operated adjuster). This once again hands-off pleasure machine can create some absolutely hair-blowing sensations, when operated at maximum speed. Moreover, the male sex machine type's hands-off style is a big plus for many who are looking for a new and exciting enjoyment.

As the movement technology behind pumps has developed, so too have the cleaning procedures that users must administer. Although they realistically aren't quite as easy to clean as other male sex machine types, pumps still require a fairly straightforward cleansing process. Furthermore, once you get the hang of this process, it really is easy.

It's worth noting that pumps aren't small machines - they are large and assuming devices that provide a large amount of pleasure. Accordingly, they aren't known to be very inconspicuous. For those who live with others (or have others visiting regularly), it's important that a cool and dry storage space - with plenty of room - is established (provided you don't want the device to be seen by others, which most don't). If this is a problem, it's probably best to choose another type of machine.

In short, pumps are large and unique male sex machines that allow for exhilarating, hands-off, and truly marvelous experiences - but they are slightly harder to clean and store than most other toy types as well.

Realistic Male Sex Machines

Realistic Male Sex Machine

Realistic sex machines are, as their name suggests, realistic - designed to mimic the sensations of real sex as closely as possible.

To do this, realistic sex toys often make use of the molds of real-life models, a practice that allows for more than an ultra-realistic proportion and design, but a proportion and design identical to one of the hottest women on the planet!

Next, realistic sex toys work to create a sensation as close as possible to the real thing by using subtle and smooth skin materials, often referred to as cyberskin. This skin feels as close as possible to the soft and moist real-life skin enjoyed during sex - and it's durable enough to remain this way through heavy use.

It's worth mentioning that realistic sex toys are very easy to clean. As this style has become more and more popular, users have constantly asked for improvements to the required cleaning procedures. Manufacturers have eventually responded each time, and the result of many years of innovation is a simple and smooth cleaning process (often made easy by an open-ended design).

All of these qualities are driven home by the movement qualities of realistic male sex toys - the devices will shift and adapt during use, just like their real-life counterparts will. This point once again complements the overall experience provided.

If you're looking for pleasure that closely resembles real-life sex, a realistic male sex toy is for you, plain and simple.

Stroking Male Sex Machines

Stroker Male Sex Machine

Strokers are high-quality male sex machines that are perfect for those who value and appreciate the sensation created by their own hand movements. They may not be battery-powered or automatic, but strokers are small, manageable, easy to control, and affordable. Their incredibly pleasurable materials activate every nerve, and are sure to provide the most possible enjoyment. Additionally, their hand-operated nature allows for a variable speed of use determined directly by the individual; there's nothing more frustrating than hitting your vibe with an automatic machine, only to accidently press the wrong button or flip the wrong switch to engage an undesirable pattern!

Another big benefit of strokers is their simple cleaning methods. Often times, cleaning a device can be the worst part of its use - especially in more complicated machines. Of course, the importance of thorough cleanings cannot be understated, as an improperly cared for device can become damaged and even unusable.

The point is that strokers are easy to clean and keep in like-new condition. Manufacturers have worked to include chambers and slots that allow users to achieve a perfect clean in a minute or so, through the use of warm water and soap.

In case it's not clear, strokers represent the best of simplicity - with an effectively modern twist. If you value traditional forms of pleasure, with enough freshness to truly be exciting, a stroker is your best bet.

Properly Cleaning and Storing Your Male Sex Toy

Sex Toy Cleaner

Properly cleaning and storing a male sex toy is of the utmost importance, for a number of reasons.

First, an improperly cleaned toy could become rough, damaged, and simply unenjoyable to use (or unusable altogether). I cannot stress how many users I've heard from that have bought an expensive male sex machine, only to complain that it's less pleasurable than when they first bought it. The first thing I always ask about in these situations (especially when their device is a solid unit made by a reliable company) is the cleaning - and that's where most of them went wrong.

The storage of a male sex toy is also of the utmost importance.

Storing a device in an overly warm or hot room or area (watch out for heaters especially) can lead to its structural degradation, as its materials are heated and re-solidified, and as a result, become generally rough and coarse. Moreover, devices that are put away while wet and not given an ample amount of time to dry can allow mildew and mold to form, or at the very least, become rougher and more coarse.

In short, male sex toys should be thoroughly cleaned and given time to dry after each use, before being stored in a cool and dry place, away from the elements.

The cleaning process behind most male sex toys is very straightforward as well; however, the risk of having your device(s) discovered is ever-present, but luckily, I've explored some easy and effective storage tips in the FAQ section that will keep your beloved product out of the grasp of everyone besides yourself.

Back on track, for a proper cleaning, you should:

Simply remove the plastic sleeve associated with the device (if applicable), or head straight into the rinse, by thoroughly flushing it with warm (not hot) water and soap, as well as some specially designed antibacterial sex toy cleanser.

These specially designed cleansers are affordable, and also provide machines and users with a number of notable benefits, including: a greatly reduced chance of infection, a generally more sanitary experience, a smooth and silky finish on the device, and a protective coating that allows male sex toys to be used for longer.

If you're in a hurry for your machine to dry, you can go ahead and dry it manually with a towel. Don't, as some suggest, place your device under a hair dryer or the sun, as this can lead to irreversible damage. Additionally, quick-dry powders that are especially made for sex toys are available for affordable prices, and will help to dry devices and ensure their long-term structural integrity.

To recap, properly cleaning and storing your male sex toy is of the utmost importance - but is also very easy and straightforward. Moreover, the benefits to your device will also affect you directly, as your use will be much safer and easier.

Once again for the lazy article skimmers, cleaning a male sex machine isn't optional - it's a required and important part of assuring that it stays pleasurable and usable for as many pumps as possible.

It doesn't matter if you've made a small, trial investment into a male sex machine or a multi-hundred dollar purchase - properly cleaning and storing your device(s) only takes a couple of minutes, and is a good practice to assume. And now that you're equipped with the knowledge required to do so, you can enjoy your male sex machine without worry.

Run along, scamp.

Where should I buy from?

You've successfully completed your male sex toy crash course. Well done, amigo.

You're now equipped with the knowledge required to guide and advise prospective customers and even curious individuals with ease and confidence - and that's awesome.

And while this knowledge really is important, it's not all-encompassing - there's still a lot more to know about the male sex machine industry. Take for instance, some of the best companies around.

There are a number of reputable and reliable device manufacturers and companies that operate today, but few stand as tall as the Autoblow 2 ( or

During its relatively quick rise to fame, the Autoblow 2 has done well to establish itself as one of the best male sex machines on the planet. Its revolutionary design, variable speeds and enjoyment rates, convenient power supply and cleanup processes, and top-notch feel have allowed it to find a home into the hearts of many (and onto the Johnsons of even more!).

Autoblow ShopEven better, the folks over at have made the device available for a shockingly affordable price. This excellent value is driven home by an incredibly discreet shipping system - nobody will have any idea that the Autoblow 2 has arrived on your door step (nobody besides you and helpful individuals at Autoblow2!).

Also worth mentioning is the ultra-reputable Robotic Blowjob Store ( Like the Autoblow 2 team, RBJ provides customers with affordable prices and very discreet shipping. Unlike AB2, though, boasts a massive inventory of some of the best male sex machines and toys on the market - anyone interested in a diverse toy selection should go ahead and check out.

And while we're on the subject, it's worth paying some respect to the man who has been largely responsible for the technological developments and popularity boom of male sex machines: Brian Sloan, the inventor behind the Autoblow 2.

Autoblow ShopIn addition to designing and crafting a state-of-the-art and incredibly awesome male sex machine, Sloan helped to inspire millions of customers and companies to renew their interest in the industry. He proved that customer satisfaction and profitability aren't mutually exclusive, and more directly, he initiated a technological boom in the adult-toy industry that is just now beginning.

In the short term, this boom means more sex machine options available at affordable prices for customers to choose from. In the long term, this boom means even more pleasurable, realistic, and innovative sex machines. However, the popularity surge hasn't been COMPLETELY positive.

As more and more reputable and innovative companies have entered the male sex machine industry, so too have more and more irrefutable, yet deceiving, companies that are interested in selling customers low-quality products. But with a little bit of guidance like that provided on this site, you will avoid these sorts of companies altogether.

But the point stands - whether you're an experienced user or a curious newcomer, there's never been a better time to enjoy a male sex machine. That's why I've dedicated myself to helping inform anyone interested in expanding their knowledge.

Whatever brand of male sex toy you decide upon, be sure to enjoy it - and before long, a more modern and pleasurable model will be available for purchase.

Now strap on your learning cap and explore the rest of my site - there's a lot I need to cover.