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Xtreme Head ExciterWe had the privilege of reviewing the Xtreme Head Exciter from CalExotics. The Xtreme Head Exciter is designed for males. It is a male sex machine designed to “Throb your knob with this power thrusting”.

  • Speed: The stroker comes with two distinct speeds controlled with a slider switch. The speeds are about one stroke per second, and the other is 2 strokes per second
  • Texture: The inside of the chamber has fingers that reach into the centre. Each finger is about 1 centimeter long. During each use, I couldn’t feel the individual fingers.
  • Size: The opening was approximately X centimeters in diameter, and would easily accomodate most cock sizes due to the flexibility of the material. The depth of the chamber where your cock goes was only about 8 centimeters deep, and will not fully accomodate even an average sized cock fully. The depth generally only accomodates the head and a short length of shaft, so I feel that it has been primarily designed to stimulate the glans.
  • Material: The actually chamber where the cock goes is made from TPR Silicone. The case is made from ABS plastic.
  • Power: The Xtreme Head Exciter is powered by 4 AA batteries which are not included.
  • Volume: The noise was rather off putting when we were using it. I actually had a hard time getting off because of the noise.

Lubricant Compatibility

The TPR silicone used for the stroking chamber is notcompatible with silicone based lubricants, however water based lubricants are totally compatible, and definitely recommended for use with the Xtreme Head Exciter.


Some possible improvements to the Xtreme Head Exciter can include:

  • Changing the plastic grip strap to rubber as the hard plastic digs into the back of the fingers
  • More elastic so that it isn’t tight (might be because of the hard plastic grip
  • Even slower stroke speed
  • Deeper chamber to accommodate the entire cock length
  • Much quieter motor

The Xtreme Head Exciter is an interesting male stroker, however I’m not sure how successful it is from a design perspective From a user perspective, I’m not a fan of the Xtreme Head Exciter. Maybe I didn’t use enough lubricant, maybe ours had a noisy motor, but I didn’t really find it all that exciting. I wouldn’t highly recommend the Xtreme Head Exciter from CalExotics.