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Automatic Male Sex MachinesPersonal lubricant or lube can be used to increase pleasure while reducing pain in the event of sexual activity. When using a sex machine, you can apply some lube on it based from instructions given by manufacturers. Those who are using an automatic male sex machine should make it a point to use lubricants as a way of keeping the dryness or the friction from irritating the skin. When the penis gets really dry contact with any sex toy, it can get excessive beating, depending on the machine used. Hence, it should be a wise decision to purchase some lube before getting into action.

When men masturbate, they can use hands to pleasure themselves. However, when they use machines to make the experience a bit sensational without lube can really be a painful experience. More so, it can irritate the skin around the penis, which could sting a bit. Take note that the need for lube during masturbation should vary from one user to another depending on the automatic male sex machine being used. Therefore, it is important to use appropriate types of lube that corresponds to specific needs of the user.

There are lots of automatic male sex machine that can also be used by women. So, it is very important to note the type of lube you have to use for this endeavor. Perhaps you can have an idea if you ask the shop or the dealer of the sex gadget about the appropriate lube to be used that shouldn’t ruin the materials as well as the sensitive skin of the user.

An Automatic Male Sex Machine Requires Specific Types of Lube

When using oil-based, it is important to note that it can cause the slippage or breakage for most types of sexual instruments. This can only be used when not getting any assistance from an automatic male sex machine. If you do, it is quite essential to select the specific types of lubricants that should match the quality of the sexual machine that you are about to use.

Basically, silicon-based lubricants are formulated with lesser than 4 ingredients without the component of water. It does have a different feel compared to water-based personal lubes. Another good thing about silicon-based lubricants can’t be absorbed by the skin or any mucus membrane. Moreover, it lasts longer compared with other water-based products.

The most common method of lubricating a sex toy or an automatic male sex machine is the use of water-based lubricants. Not so long ago the most basic water-based lubes include glycerin and cellulose ether solutions. Nowadays, there are many agents being added to acquire even dispersal, resist to contamination, and to retain the moisture. If you want to have a very effective type of lubricant, you might want to try this product on your sex gadget and you can compare the results.

Is Using Lube for Automatic Male Sex Machine Safe for All Skin Types?

According to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, there were reports regarding the prevalence of sexually-transmitted infections, including chlamydia for those who consistently used lubes during sexual intercourse. However, inconsistent users were not reported to have any problem. So, if you use automatic male sex machine, it is important to note that you can get infected if you are not aware of the possible infections that you can get from this type of practice.

More so, the use of lubricants with ingredient chlorhexidine which is an antibacterial agent has been reported to kill 3 species of Lactobacillus. Likewise, it has been the cause of the unbalance of the natural flora of the vagina. For this reason, it might lead to infections, including bacterial vaginosis. Several types of automatic male sex machine can be used without excessive lubricants. So, you need to know which product should be more suitable for applying lubricant so that you can avoid the occurrence of infections to the private parts of the body.

The key here is proper preparation to make your masturbation routine a success. Hence, you need to work on your homework to determine if you require lubes for your automatic male sex machine or not. There are quite a number of sexual equipment out there, so you have to be careful because it has also been reported that silicon-based lubes have some notable issues with the material components of such machines.