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Wave RiderWhen we first saw the Wave Rider vibrating cock ring over at Babeland we both had high hopes for it. My gf always gets a lot more “Mmm” and usually the “big O” out of rings that have upward-facing clitoral stimulators on them, but this one was a wipeout for us. It would be better suited for a couple who likes very gentle toys… maybe.

Wave Rider comes in a clear plastic box with a rather nifty ocean wave design all around, and a clear space in the “tube” in front that lets you see the masturbation machine. There are 3 watch batteries included for the plastic bullet vibrator, which I managed to fling across the bed when I first opened the package since they aren’t secured in the slide-out tray they rest in.

The ring is made of latex-free elastomer and has a firm jelly-like feel to it. It isn’t sticky, but it smelled a bit like candy until we washed it. The hole is 1" wide and stretched enough that it was just as comfortable worn around the cock and balls as on the base of the dick alone. The loop is entirely rounded though, which means it did have the tendency to try to roll when I was putting it on. Once it was on everything stayed in place well though.

The bullet vibrator, which fits into a ridiculously thin tube of elastomer under the wave-shaped clitoral stimulator, is made of plastic and has a narrow twist-dial controller at one end. The dial is easy to turn, yet firm enough that us bumping it during use didn’t move it. Just above that dial is the space you grab to unscrew the vibrator to put the batteries in, which brings me to the one complaint I have that would apply to any user: the battery life. The set that came with the toy gave out about 10 minutes in, but even after we replaced them we only got less than 20 minutes out of it. Most cock rings that use watch batteries last at least a half hour, so this was a real bummer.

The ring fit fairly tight, even with the easy stretching of the material, but it still wasn’t all that exciting for me. It didn’t grip as much as it looked like it would and I could only feel the vibrations in a small area, not up my entire shaft.

Part of me wants to say this would be a great ring for beginners. There’s no way you’re going to get “stuck” in it, it’s lightweight, comfortable, and one of the quietest vibrating rings we’ve tried. But considering the short battery life I hesitate to recommend it to anyone, unless you can find a smaller-than-normal bullet to replace the one it comes with.

Her point of view:

This toy didn’t do it for me at all. The vibrator has the dial base, but there isn’t much difference between high and low with it. You get high-end gentle or low-end medium intensity vibes, either in or out of the ring. And like my bf said, you’d have to find the same size bullet to replace it with, because we tried fitting a standard-sized bullet (like the Babeland bullet) in it and the holder started to tear. The little wave might have still been nice to grind against if it had lined up right with my anatomy, but it was too far down to get what I needed from it. That’s purely a personal observation, but overall I feel that you can find other cock rings at a similar price that are better than this one.