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Tenga Flip Hole RedI had no idea this was a masturbator when I first saw it. No seriously. Tell me I’m wrong. It looks like some sort of alien machine that came from the future - A time machine mixed with a teleportation device of some sort. Now if you shrink that size by 500X, you get a pretty decent masturbator with “beyond godly textures” as my boyfriend would describe it.

For a 100$ toy, Tenga Flip Hole Red came in a very delicate plastic packaging that is as hard as a 500mL Naya water bottle. I expected something much sturdier for that price. As for the size of the masturbator, which is about 85X68X175mm, it could have been perfect for Hulk’s massive hands. My boyfriend also noticed that fidgeting this toy single-handedly will not allow him to last very long without a sore arm (1.6 pounds), and he suggested that “sticking this between two pillows” was the perfect way to fuck this toy.

Upon opening the Flip Hole Red’s case, I wish I had a penis. The texture of this thing is nuts, and the material feels even more squishy than gummy bears!

Do you see how crazy these textures are? My fingers got a taste of that while I continuously shoved them in for 5 minutes before getting it taken away.

The textures on both sides are different, but apparently, the penis won’t notice a significant difference between the two. However, they don’t go unnoticed either. Both sides made my partner say “Holy shit, this is why it’s 100 bucks” repeatedly as he continuously turned the FlipHole on his shaft.

Be aware though that the feeling of the toy depends on the type of lube that is used. If you’re looking for something similar to a blowjob, very liquidy/watery lube will do. However, your roommate will probably think you’re getting a blowjob from a fish even with the door closed. And if you’re looking for a more penetrative sensation, tacky lube will be better. The sound won’t be as loud, but you also won’t feel the texture as much as with the watery lube.

Flip Hole Red already comes with three different types of lubes (Mild, Real & Wild) which you’ll be able to experiment. The first one is the blowjob one as the two others feels more like fucking a vagina. Another one I would also recommend for a blowjob feel would be the Sliquid Organic Natural Gel. It dries fast if you apply it directly on your penis but would last a very long time if applied directly on the Flip Hole before closing it up.

Talking about closing it, my boyfriend found it a pain to close that thing up. The rack just doesn’t slide on the toy, and it could take at least 5 - 10 tries to be able to match the openings. But that’s not the major problem when it comes to this masturbator.

If you want to use this masturbation device for men, you have to know, 5 to 8 hours in advance, when you’ll be aroused and when you’ll feel like jerking off. That’s how long it takes for this toy to dry up. And if you don’t want everyone in the house to know you’re getting a blowjob from a fish, you’d better schedule a time for the Tenga Flip Hole.

Heh. I almost forgot about the buttons on the masturbator. That’s just how useless they are. I thought you could actually press those buttons down, but whenever you press it, it’s actually the whole toy that’s going down. What those buttons do is that they make the masturbator tighter by increasing the gulping noise. So if you crave for a tighter feel, stick it between two pillows and apply pressure on the top pillow. You’ll obtain the same feeling without that extra effect of the noise.

This toy is not for those lazy bums out there. If you want to jerk off with Tenga Flip Hole Red, you have to schedule your time and plan it accordingly. But as my boyfriend would say, this toy is definitely worth every minute and every penny. When I asked him what made this toy so good, he simply replied “the textures are OP, and I can truly understand that feeling as I really wish I had a penis to try this toy on myself...