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Tenga 3D PolygonI mean seriously… If I didn’t know it was a cock sleeve I would think it was missing from an art collection!

What Is The Tenga 3D Polygon?

Well.. other than modern art (what is more modern art than a sculpture you can blow a load in, seriously?) It’s a masturbation sleeve with a frigging display case for fuck’s sake! The engineers at Tenga (artists? aliens from the future?) are all over the place with their designs, and they go so far as to be like…

Look, motherfucker: It’s artistic fuckery. You are going to cum so hard, and then you are going to put it on your coffee table by that overpriced book about painting you’ve never read.

What Is The Polygon Made Of?

It is stated to be made of “Ag Antibacterial Elastomer”, which I’m fairly certain means it is made of TPE (thermoplastic elastomer) that is laced with silver (hence the Ag) which is scientifically proven to be antibacterial. It sounds sorta gimmicky to me, but if it keeps bacteria from growing in/on TPE (a porous material) I am all for it.

How Big Is The Tenga 3D Polygon?

It’s about 6 inches deep and the hole where you insert yourself is only about a half inch wide, but this thing is SUPER stretchy. I think everyone can comfortably use it.

How Do I Use & Care For A Tenga 3D Stroker?

Since the use and care for these is the same (only the textures differ), I’m giving blanket instructions.

  1. Open the display case
  2. Pull the stroker from the center rod
  3. Turn the stroker inside out (or outside in… you know what I mean!)
  4. Lube the sleeve, lube yourself (water based lube only!!)
  5. Insert erect genital tissue into hole.
  6. Stroke/thrust until you cum.
  7. Go clean it. Seriously, antibacterial isn’t a get out of cleaning your toys card. Use warm water and soap, and rinse well. (Toy cleaners may be safe, but I wouldn’t try anything else)
  8. Place back on center rod to dry with the texture on the OUTSIDE.

My Experience With The Tenga 3D Polygon

That texture is nice…

At first, I was shocked at how small it was. As usual I hadn’t really looked at the size info and I assumed it would be similar in length to Fleshlight products, but that isn’t the case. It’s actually a very manageable little hunk of stuff.

I lubed it up and set about seeing what it had to offer and was amazed at how good it felt. It isn’t a “realistic” feeling sex machine for men at all, but the different polygonal faces inside make for some pretty crazy stimulation. I thoroughly enjoy the ability to squeeze for stronger sensation or to let my hand relax a bit for a more tease-y feeling.

In the end, I came fairly hard… but in this case, that’s not the end of my experience.

I grabbed the little display case and dropped the sleeve in the clear plastic part and went to the bathroom for cleaning. I love the clear plastic display thing for the simple fact that it doubles as a perfect cup to hold the freshly full of man cream Polygon on the way to the sink. A quick rinse and then back onto the display rod to dry.

I love the overall simplicity of care with the Tenga 3D Polygon!

Overall Opinion Of Tenga 3D Polygon


All in all, the Polygon is great. It proved to be better than expected and I look forward to using it more. It’s not as expensive as a Fleshlight and it looks less sexual while offering great sensations. When you factor in the ease of use and the ability to clean it and let it sit (more like display it) while it dries and the Tenga 3D Polygon is a no brainer to me.