How Can I Introduce a Sex Machine for Men in the Bedroom?

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Buy Sex Machine for MenSome men may not be sold out with the idea of using sex toys as they might feel inadequate. So it might be challenging to introduce a sex machine for men in your bedroom play.

Without a doubt, an insecure man would have a not-so-positive reaction, but a man who is adventurous and confident of his abilities would welcome the addition of adult toys.

There are many ways to look at a male sex toy. And if you take the negativity out of the equation, you will see just how great a sex machine for men is in your boudoir. Take a double penetration erection enhancer, for instance. It has a cock ring and a penis-shaped stimulator that can be used any way you like. This toy gives pleasure to both the giver and receiver, which translates to a win-win situation.

Your man may not agree 100% right away but it’s up to you to make sure he doesn’t get the wrong impression.

Introducing a sex machine for men

Sit down and talk openly

The hardest part is usually the conversation starter. So why not start by talking about a movie or a book where you learned about couples using adult toys, particularly a sex machine for men, and how they appeared to be having so much fun.

Point out some of the highlights and the glittering points about the entire experience and the device itself. Then ask him if he would be interested in giving it a try?

Break the ice by sending an email

If an open, face-to-face discussion is a bit embarrassing, you can start by sending your partner an email with a link to a blog or article about sex machine for men. You can then ask them what they think about the product and other toys. The email can also serve as a conversation starter. That is, if you don’t receive a reply, you can follow up later over coffee or during the drive home.

Assure them that a sex machine for men is just a toy

Remember intimidated and insecure? Even if this isn’t the case, it is best to assure your partner that you are fully aware and appreciate the fact that you have an awesome sex life, and that he rocks in bed. It’s important for him to know that the addition of a sex machine for men is nothing more than a bit of spice thrown into the mix. It’s not about you looking for something new because you’re bored and dissatisfied, but you know that the best could be best-est, and there’s so much more to explore.

Make a connection between existing activities and sex machine for men

Think of something that your partner is already doing that you can link to a particular sex machine for men. For instance, if he knows exactly how to push your buttons in a way that you reach mind-blowing orgasms, build on it. Tell him how amazing that felt and you’d like to try it with lubes or vibrators.

How about telling him how his orgasms can double or triple with the use of a prostate or male G-spot massager? Let his imagination run wild by checking out a wide range of sex machines. Get him to be creative on the wild possibilities!

Make a night of exploring the use of a sex machine for men

If you’ve already opened up the idea of trying out sex toys, make a night of it. Your first time using a sex machine for men should be unforgettable of course! Apart from choosing a sex machine for men that he’s comfortable using, create the right atmosphere and have fun. Who knows? He could end up loving it.