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Autoblow A.I.

Autoblow A.I. Blowjob Machine
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Rends A10 Ultimate Piston
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PeneXt Penis Enlargement HarnessWe are not overly interested in increasing penis size as I’m happy with my bfs size but we are very interested in new products that claim to increase size to see if their claims are really true as there are many scams around.


The box includes everything you could possibly need for the product including very detailed instructions and a DVD to help you to learn about and use the product correctly. The box is very well designed and each of the items inside the box are stored in their own separate boxes once you slide open the lid.

When we first opened the box we were quite taken back with how many pieces there are to the harness and even after quickly glancing at the instructions it did seem overly complicated. However after reading the instructions thoroughly and watching the supplied DVD it seemed to all make sense and quite simple.

I found the instructional DVD to be the most helpful as the written manual confused me quite a bit but the nicely structured and real life demo of a person putting the harness on was a lot easier to understand.

The Product

The parts of the male sex machine seem to be very well made and would definitely last a long time without breaking any of the parts. It was good to see that the harness is designed to fit basically any waist size as I have a very small waist which it had no problem with.

Putting On

The first few times I tried to put this on I failed miserably even after watching the very helpful DVD, my main issue I had was at one point I need to wrap gauze around the head of the penis then hold it in place with a silicone loop.

No matter what I tried the gauze seemed to slip off or I’d tighten the loop too tight in hope it held the gauze on better but that would just pinch me. Perseverance paid off however as I just needed to keep trying and once I got the ideal tightness and gauze on correctly it became very simple to put on. This is definitely the most difficult stage on putting the harness on and the rest of it is incredibly simple.

Comfort and Secrecy

After putting the PeneXt on it feels very comfortable which really surprised me as the pictures I saw of it on the internet beforehand made me feel it would be uncomfortable but I feel no discomfort at all at the start. Sometimes during wearing I have experienced pinching on the head of my penis which can get quite painful but after slightly loosening the silicone loop the pinching soon stops.

There has been a time I’ve had to have a day off from wearing the Penis Enlargement Harness due to prolonged soreness but that is usually due to me overly tightening the silicone loop and not really down to the product itself.

To begin with it is suggested you only should wear the the PeneXt for a few hours to begin with to fully get used to the product and also to not cause injury. It is not recommended to sleep with the harness on due to the need of swapping the sides of stretching and you will not be able to check circulation is OK. This is good for me as suddenly wearing a product for 8 hours from the start is never a good idea.

One of the major pitfalls of most penis stretching devices is that most of them are not very hidden whilst you are wearing them as they tend to give you a very odd bulge, the PeneXt is different however as at no time has my gf or anyone else been able to tell when I am wearing it as the product is very slimline and all parts are pressed towards to body making it extremely difficult to tell something is going on under your trousers.


Up to yet I’m very happy with the Penis Enlargement Harness as it is very comfortable for the most part, it’s hidden from prying eyes whilst I’m wearing it, and very easy to put on (once I mastered it). It is still very early for me to tell if the product will give me any penis size increase (not really needed if it doesn’t). I will continue to wear the PeneXt and once I know if the PeneXt will extend my penis or not I will create another article and share the results.