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Natascha the Anthro HuskyIf you have been reading our reviews for some time then you may be aware that we are quite big fans of Bad Dragon products. In the past we have tried a number of their products, but all of them have been dildos. After reading good things about their male masturbators we were very excited to receive a Natascha the Anthro Husky.

As basically all of the Bad Dragon products we have belong to my gf, except for the Chance the Stallion, I couldn’t wait to try it out. What interested me most about this product was the external design of the entrance and the internal canal.

Upon first receiving this product the first things that came to mind was its size and weight. Natascha was bigger than I imagined and quite a bit heavier. The masturbator measures 8" in length all of which is usable length. If you like masturbators to fully encase your penis and you have a longer penis than this then it might not be for you.

Like all other products this male sex machine is also customizable but of course not to the same scale as their dildos. You can choose from a wide range of colors or you can even design you own masturbator with a specific color or even marbled effect at a little extra cost. I chose to have the predatory red and black marbled effect which looked great from the photos and looks even better in real life. The red color of our masturbator is quite a bit darker than the ones shown on the website but it’s still great.

The quality of the manufacture and marble effect is excellent as with all other Bad Dragon products we have. We have a stupidly large amount of masturbators in our collection but none of them comes close to matching the excellent craftsmanship of the Natascha. I can tell a lot of time and attention to detail has been put into this product and even if I hated using it I’d still be in awe of its external design.

One thing that did concern me slightly upon receiving this product was that the entrance hole and canal didn’t seem particulary tight upon inspection. On trying it on for size, my thoughts were correct as the Natascha doesn’t have as tight a grip as many of my other masturbators.

To my surprise the lack of tightness doesn’t make my experiences with this masturbator bad at all. I still get to feel every bit of texture in the canal, and I must say the textures are excellent and has never failed to make me climax quickly and strongly. After using this sex toy on quite a few occasions now I’m glad this masturbator isn’t tighter as it feels just right.

After reading the product information again on the Bad Dragon website it made much more sense why this sex toy isn’t super tight…

“The grunting earlier was from the large males, all of them erect and thrusting towards her. She holds one shaft in her paw, sucking it off hungrily. Her hips are rolling against the husky at her tail end, forcing him to stuff her to the knot.”

“She spreads her hindpaws apart a bit, seed from others of her team leaking from her, inviting you over with a sultry gaze. “Why not let me warm you for the night..?”

So basically Natascha has been enjoying her ‘pack’ just before she invites ‘you’ to join them. It wouldn’t have made sense to have the canal to be tight especially as she’s been taking other huskys including their bulging wide knots.

As there’s no outer casing on this masturbator you can slightly alter the pressure on the penis. This can increase the tightness slightly if wished but I prefer it as is. I do prefer masturbators to have a solid outer casing, and I would’ve probably liked it this sex toy to have one but I guess that would be detrimental to the great coloration.

Like most other masturbators this one has a hole at the base for the larger penis to pop out and also to aid cleaning. This hole definitely helps cleaning compared to a sealed base product, I can usually be reasonbally sure that the toy is fully clean after use.

This isn’t the quietest male masturbator but it’s not the loudest by far. I can safely use it without worry of someone hearing it from the other side of a closed door.

A good indicator of a great male masturbator for me is if I feel like passing out if I try to continue thrusting straight after an orgasm. Many toys have failed this test but the Natascha has managed to do this every time I’ve used it.

I really enjoy Natascha the Anthro Husky, it’s given me strong orgasms everytime I’ve used it. My concerns of it being not really tight were true but I actually like it that way and it ties in perfectly with the write up on the Bad Dragon website. I’d highly recommend this sex toy to people who want something different!

Her point of view:

After my great experiences with Bad Dragon dildos I was curious to see how a male masturbator would perform. After using it on my bf and watching him with this sex toy I can see clearly he really likes it. The build quality and marbled effect are great which is no surprise as Bad Dragon seems to have mastered that to a fine art.