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Lelo Tor 2As fond as we are of vibrating penis rings, we’ve never said we were fond of the fact that most of them run on those tiny button cell batteries, which tend to go out in less than an hour and can be pricey to replace. Well, pricey to us anyway, since we use our rings often. At any rate we were glad when a few manufacturers started dabbling with rechargeable penis rings, and excited as hell when we got the opportunity to check out LELO’s Tor 2 rechargeable ring. Unfortunately, it wasn’t quite what we expected.

Tor 2 is presented as a high-class couple’s toy. Underneath a rather subtle-looking cardboard outer sheath is LELO’s signature black storage box, which is designed to give you a truly discreet permanent storage option for the masturbation machine. Tucked in a side compartment away from the Tor 2 is its charger, which fits a standard wall plug, a warranty booklet, instruction manual, and a small drawstring storage pouch that’s just big enough to carry the ring alone (in case you want to drop it in a purse or something). All in all a very nice package.

The end of the toy that houses the vibrating unit is hard, plastic we assume, covered in the same silk-soft silicone we admired in our review of LELO’s Insignia Alia vibrator. It’s odorless and of course completely non toxic. This silicone covering extends down to form the ring band, which for some reason has inward facing rims on it that creates an unusual feeling when wearing the ring. The ring stretches enough that you can fit it on a larger-than-average penis, but it has a strong tendency to want to maintain its original 1.25" unstretched inner ring width. In other words, it’s damn tight.

There is a plus and a minus button to control the Tor 2’s vibrations, one on either side of the vibrating unit. The plus is for turning the toy on and increasing the intensity, the minus does opposite. Once it’s at its highest speed/intensity, you can also hold the plus button down for a couple of seconds to switch it into patterns mode, where you can click through 5 different varieties of pulsing or escalating vibrations, and one combo of both. This all sounds simple in theory, but we didn’t find the buttons to be user friendly. They aren’t raised (in fact they feel a bit concave) and the minus button in particular takes some effort to push, so once you’ve got the toy on a bouncing shaft with a little wetness on your fingers, they’re not so easy to use.

Giving credit where credit is due, Tor 2’s vibrations are nice and deep, and stronger than what the average vibrating cock ring puts out. It’s pretty quiet too.

Under the minus button is an open charging port. When we first saw it we figured somebody had made a mistake when they put “waterproof” on Tor 2’s advertising. But no, we risked frying the toy and stuck it in a glass of water for over a half hour, and it buzzed along merrily without any issues. We also doused the ring (and thus the port) under running water for more than one washing, with no problems. The only concern we had was how to make sure the port was completely dry before plugging the charger back into it. We don’t have a definitive answer there, but we shook ours out and let it sit overnight before charging, and it did fine.

Charging takes about 2 hours, for which we got between an hour to an hour and a half of use each time. And when the battery ran down, there was no warning light and the motor didn’t slow at all - it just stopped.

Overall Tor2 is a toy that needs a few improvements before we’d call it a great one.

This was one of the most uncomfortable cock rings I’ve used. I like a tight ring, but this one started turning the dick an ugly color within a minute or so. And that was just from wearing it on the base; I wouldn’t even attempt to do a cock-and-ball wrap with this ring. I didn’t like being able to feel those two inner rims separately either. They weren’t uncomfortable, I just didn’t care for the feeling. And did I mention that the ring band rolled when I was sliding it on? When it did, it pinched where no man wants to be pinched, not by a sex toy anyway.

Her point of view:

It’s a shame that LELO didn’t put a little more thought into the control buttons (try raising them maybe?) and the comfort/fit of the ring. It has a good amount of power for a cock ring, and the flat wide design vibrates a bigger portion of labia than most do, so gals who like a more general vibrating feeling would enjoy it. I just couldn’t get off with it though, because there was no way for me to get any direct clitoral stimulation with it and the vibes weren’t quite strong enough to do it alone.