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Je Joue What Happens In Vegas Pleasure KitThe Ooh by Je Joue What Happens In Vegas Pleasure Kit comes in this bag/envelope/box. It looks more like an envelope or a bag, but the material is more like a box. In order to open this envelope/bag/box, you pull at the flap, which is glued down. This is a pain in the ass to do. I ended up ripping my packaging in numerous places just trying to open it. Inside are these weird cardboard stands with plastic pieces for you to set each of the 3 components on. Frankly, I don’t get this packaging at all. It’s not good for storage and it’s not very presentable.

As I mentioned, the Ooh by Je Joue What Happens In Vegas Pleasure Kit has 3 components: a plastic motor, a silicone cock ring sleeve, and a silicone vibrator sleeve. The motor slides into the bottom end of each of the sleeves. Each of the sleeves has markings on the side in which you apply pressure in order to release the motor.

The motor measures 2" in length. The top has a grey silicone flap in which flips up to expose the charging port. Charging time takes about 2 hours and is equal to 2 hours of use. The sides of the motor each have a grey silicone button. In order to turn on the vibrator, you need to hold in the button until the vibrator turns on, which takes about 4 seconds. There are 3 speeds and 2 pulsations options as you cycle through the vibration options, which require a single click once the vibrator is on. In order to turn off the motor, just hold in the button until the vibrations stop.

The silicone cock ring measures 3" in length with the first 1.5" being for the motor area. When the motor is inserted, the length is 3.75". At the top, there is a small hole that says “Ooh”, which aligns with the button on the motor. The cock ring has a diameter of 1.25" diameter without stretching. I can stretch the cock ring to just under 2" in diameter, but it’s really tight when it is stretched.

The silicone vibrator sleeve looks just like Je Joue’s Uma The Uma sex machine for men measures 6" in length without the motor and measures 6.75" in length. The vibrator has a 4" circumference at the insertable end and a 4.5" circumference at the handle.

The vibrations focus at the end of the motor with the charging port. When you insert the motor into the sleeves, the vibrations are supposed to travel to the ideal areas for stimulation. For the cock ring, they focus at the ring, but with the motor inside this sleeve - the ring is so heavy. For the Uma sleeve, the vibrations are supposed to travel down to the slender end, but they don’t. They focus in the handle. The vibrations on the motor are decent. They’re buzzy, but decent. However, when you plug them into the silicone sleeves, the vibrations diffuse. They’re definitely more prominent in the cock ring, but the cock ring is so heavy. For the vibrator sleeve, the motor is just too far away from the insertable end.

I’m not a fan of this kit at all. I’m surprised at Je Joue for making it because all the Je Joue items I’ve tried in the past are amazing, but this – this one just falls short. I think that if this motor has any potential in a sleeve, it’s with clitoral shape sleeve, which is just like Je Joue’s Mimi. I would only recommend this kit to those who are able to reach orgasm with minimal vibrations.

Care for this set is more difficult than the standard silicone items. They are waterproof, however, the sleeves have metal pieces which can rust and gaps for bacteria to hide. I’d avoid exposing water to that area all together. I’ve recommend using a 10% bleach solution and a Q-tip inside there. The sleeve should be washed with anti-bacterial soap or toy cleaner for usual cleanings. You can use the 10% bleach solution for a better cleaning.