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What Is The Je Joue Mio?

Je Joue MioThe Je Joue Mio is a rechargeable cock ring.

ock rings are intended to: trap blood inside the penis in order to maintain an erection, or encourage a stronger erection.

What Is The Je Joue Mio Cock Ring Made Of And How Can I Care For It?

The Je Joue Mio is made mostly of silicone and has two metal buttons on top that also double as charging contacts. Silicone is one of the best materials for male masturbation aids because it is considered non-porous (it is actually micro-porous, but the pores are so small they can’t harbor bacteria). The metal charging contacts are also non-porous.

Cleaning The Je Joue Mio

The Je Joue Mio is completely waterproof, and as such can be cleaned with your choice of toy cleaner, a 10% bleach solution, or hot water and anti-bacterial soap. I would recommend steering clear of a bleach solution though as over time bleach can eat at metal and cause pitting/oxidation (rusting).

Care And Storage Of The Je Joue Mio

I try to throw mine on the charger after use (and a wipedown) each time I use it and then I put it back in the box it came in for storage (which also keeps dust and lint away from it fairly well).

To charge it, you simply plug the charger into the wall and then get the end of the charger near the the metal contacts (magnetic) and it will flip around the way it needs to be to charge.

A little red light comes on beneath the Je Joue logo on the side of the toy will blink until fully charged, at which point it will go steady red.

How Do I Use The Je Joue Mio Cock Ring?

As far as putting the cock ring on the body, you can either slide it to the base of the cock shaft OR (if you are a little more dedicated/adventurous) you can put both the cock and balls through the ring.

To control the Je Joue Mio:

The + button turns the toy on and increases intensity. The – button decreases intensity and turns the Je Joue Mio off. The wave button changes the patterns!

Je Joue Mio Patterns:

  • Constant Vibration
  • Throb (Quick Build then drop off and Quick Build over and over)
  • Wave (Slow Build & Slow Decrease)
  • Slow Pulse
  • Gallop (Intense Pulsing with same increment between pulses)

Of course, all of the vibe patterns can also be sped up by hitting the + sign button, and some of them feel as if they change to a completely different pattern when the speed is changed.

My Experience With The Je Joue Cock Ring

Until I received the Je Joue Mio, my experience with “luxury” (see: expensive) cock rings was all with the Ego E3 (which I love!).

I’ve got a tendency to get turned on before I grab a cock ring, which in turn makes putting said cock ring on a real hassle… Getting my hard cock and balls through the ring is fucking idiotic at best. I’ve squeezed my nuts too hard, pulled pubic hairs, had the ring slip and pop my boys like a big rubber band and at one point even worried about testicular torsion (See: nut cords getting twisted. THIS IS NOT GOOD, but thankfully was just me being dramatic.)

Anyway: I prefer my cock rings seated behind my balls and at the base of my shaft for one reason. It pushes my balls out and up, both adding to the visual AND increasing stimulation for me and a woman when we are playing. The band of the Je Joue Mio is soft and pretty flexible, and for most would be fine. My ignorance bit me in the ass and caused some pain, but once the ring is on my body it feels great.

In use, I cycled through all of the different patterns. All of them are good, but the constant vibration (at its highest speed) and the “gallop” (my term, not Je Joue’s) were my favorites. They both transferred the vibrations up my shaft and to my core better, which in turn would lead me to believe they are also going right out to the head of my cock (so quite nice for sex as well). The vibrations range from a low gentle rumble up to delightful buzziness.

Overall Opinion

The Je Joue Mio is a wonderful cock ring, if a bit pricey. The magnetic charger is wonderful but I wish that Je Joue would transition to USB charger cords (actually, I think ALL companies should do this). The silicone is soft (seriously: I thought the ring was gel filled at first) and super easy to clean, but it does attract micro-lint and dust. While not as rumbly as the Ego E3, the Je Joue Mio is a solid cock ring and worth a look for anyone looking to move past the less expensive rings with fewer features.