Is there still any "weirdness" around buying a sex machine for men?

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Absolutely there is, and there always will be - thus is the nature of anything related to sex and sexual pleasure, for a number of reasons.

But the sex machine companies of today understand that this weirdness is real, and they work hard to minimize and eliminate the sensation for customers, in several different ways.

There will always be weirdness around buying a sex machine, but a number of steps have been taken today to minimize and isolate this weirdness, which is mainly encountered when others find out about your male sex machine.

Male Sex MachineFirst, modern sex toy companies provide judgement-free places for you to find information about products, connect with other like-minded individuals, and determine which product is best for you and your needs.

Next, the companies of today take absolutely impressive steps to guarantee that your information and orders remain private and anonymous. Your data will not be sold or released in any way, shape, or form, and after your order is complete, your correspondence with the company from which it was placed will end, unless you decide to place another order or ask a question.

The risk of receiving a big, snail-mail bulletin for your neighbors, family, and friends to see, from your favorite male sex machine distributor is nonexistent (provided that you shop with a reliable company, such as or

Moreover, the entire payment and shipping process for and of your item(s) is incredibly anonymous and simple. Today's leading male sex machine companies ship orders in plain, completely unsuspecting, brown packages. The shipping label contains an abbreviated address title that no one will be any wiser to.

As for the name on the credit card statement, you can relax again, as this is also abbreviated and completely indecipherable from a company related to male sex machines. While browsing your bank statement, you may think about calling your bank to report a fraudulent charge, only to remember that this short-and-sweet business title represents the company from which you ordered your device!

In short, there is once again still a ton of weirdness around buying sex machines for men. Not because of shame or judgement, but because of the inherent nature of the product, which cannot be changed. But there are ample steps taken to assure that this weirdness - caused by the knowledge of others in regards to the contents of your package/order - will never occur.

And for those of you who are undoubtedly looking for the impressive customer service and products provided by the top retailers for artificially low prices through counterfeiting criminals, let this story about my friend serve as a warning.

The benefits of anonymity through online male sex machine retailers are only offered by reputable sources.

This guy, who I have known for years and years, loves a bargain. He clips his coupons every Saturday morning and marches down to the store to use them the following Monday (when the weekly specials start again). Most people wouldn't stop to pick up a penny off the ground of a busy street, but this guy would stop one thousand people just to pick up half of a penny!

In any case, he had listened to me rave about a particular sex machine for quite a while now, and he decided to pick one up for himself. While browsing the internet, he found the already-affordable device through the established retailer that created it. He also found the device available for sale from a clear counterfeiter, for about half of the price of the real listing. I tried to talk him out of it, but he screwed the manufacturer of the product and ordered from the counterfeiter.

About a week passed, and he was starting to worry that he may have been scammed. After about ten days, though, he arrived home from work to find a massive crate outside of his apartment door - the side of which read "THIS PACKAGE CONTAINS YOUR MALE SEX TOY (FOR USE ON YOUR PENIS). ENJOY!"

Other apartment residents were snapping pictures and laughing, and in a moment of brilliance, my friend called me so that everybody around him could hear.

"I told you, if you get one more of these goddamn things shipped here, there's going to be a problem!" the deceivingly smart "friend" said.

He pulled the crate inside of his apartment, and later on I came to his place as scheduled. After rehashing some old favors he did for me, I relented and carried the empty crate out past his neighbors, to make it appear as though I ordered the device (being as noisy and obvious as can be, to attract more attention).

It seemed to work, and for a few weeks, my friend was in the clear. Until one day, when he received a call from his bank.

"Yes, well did you authorize $15,000 in charges from Shangai, China?" asked the woman.

"Of course not, I'm sitting in my apartment in America" replied my friend. "I don't even have that kind of money. Who is the charge to?!"

"Male Sex Toys 4 All" replied the giggling woman.

My friend was in for a day of long calls like this, as well as a lot of forms and paperwork, to get his money back. The grand conclusion to the situation came about a week later, when his cheap knock-off device broke down; mine still works to this day.

The moral of the story: yes, it's still weird to buy sex machines. But the leading companies of today work very hard to make the experience as straightforward and anonymous as possible. And this same effort and quality can be enjoyed in their top-notch products.