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The PULSE 2 lets you experience incomparable pleasure exactly as you desire - no rules, no limits, and no bullshit will be encountered here.

Hot Octopuss PULSE II Solo Vibrating Male Masturbator The PULSE 2 lets you experience incomparable pleasure exactly as you desire - no rules, no limits, and no bullshit will be encountered here.

Innovation and sophistication meet and warmly embrace in the PULSE 2.

Frankly, I've used a ton of sex toys in my life, but few have been anywhere near as awesome as the PULSE 2. It's easy to tell that the device is unique and exciting just by looking at it, but the use - man, let me tell you guys about how awesome it is to use in this review.

Try to tell you, at least; describing the sensations created by the PULSE 2 won't be easy.

The first awesome part of this sex machine for men is the design. It goes without saying, once again, that the PULSE 2 looks different from most other devices. It's small and compact, but it really does bring more to the table than most of the industry leaders.

This awesome machine can be used in coordination with strokes or without them. Lubrication is also optional thanks to its soft and pleasurable silicon, as is the area which the device will be used, as it is completely waterproof. Basically, users are afforded a number of options and variations in their experience with the PULSE 2. Its creators understand that rules and limitations are things that don't belong anywhere near male sex toys.

Stroke or don't stroke, lube up or don't; the PULSE 2 has you covered no matter your preference.

Hot Octopuss PULSE II Solo Vibrating Male MasturbatorThe non-stroking method of usage allows the PULSE 2 to stimulate a specific part of the Johnson, thanks to its 5 different vibrating patterns and nine variable vibration speeds. Basically, from my own experiences, this sensation alone is enough to create one hell of a pleasurable and unique good time.

Users interested in stroking will also have the option, as the PULSE 2's smooth construction and materials allow it to slide up and down with ease, at any desired speed, with the help of a hand. The aforementioned awesome vibration massagers will also help out here, and the combination of a stroke and a slow massage speed is arguably the best way for users to enjoy the PULSE 2.

I was also impressed with the ease in which the PULSE 2 can be cleaned and maintained. Obviously, given its design one would assume that the clean-up would be easy, but it really will impress most everyone, even those who were expecting an easy time.

Additionally, the simple-charging nature of the PULSE 2 eliminates the need for costly and cumbersome batteries to be purchased. Even better than that is the fact that the device's charger is USB powered! From a wall charger to the laptop, at home or on the go, this charging method really is the most convenient around (and in coordination with the PULSE 2'S small design, the product is perfect for discreet storage and use while away from home).

Overall, the PULSE 2 is most definitely worth buying for anyone who is remotely interested. I once again can't stress how impressed I am with the device, not only because of its quality and not only because of its innovation, but because of how it combines these two awesome qualities with ease, while so many other male sex machines have failed.

More specifically, I enjoy freedom - especially with sex toys. Anyone who feels the same will certainly find a lot to love here, in terms of usage area and style. Use it anyway that you want and charge it in whatever takes USB cords; the PULSE 2 doesn't discriminate.

Freedom-loving sex machine users will appreciate the options presented by the PULSE 2.

Hot Octopuss PULSE II Solo Vibrating Male MasturbatorIn conclusion, you should go ahead and make the purchase. And if you're not interested in doing so, you should go ahead and discipline yourself - and while you're at it, I would recommend checking your PULSE 2.

Corny? Yes.

Effective at relaying the important message?

Most definitely - the Hot Octopuss PULSE 2 is one of the best male sex toys on the market.


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