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FleshWrapFleshWrap is a scrotum restraint device that is advertised to be able to increase a man’s pleasure during sex. Considering that sex feels pretty damned good already, naturally I had to try it.

Each FleshWrap device consists of a curved oval frame and a straight crossbar, and you get two in a package; one large and one small. That gives you four possible combinations for use since both crossbars fit in either frame. We got the Premium set, so ours has phthalate-free polycarbonate plastic frames and stainless steel bars, but you can also get the Standard set (which costs $10 less) that has all plastic pieces. Judging by the strength of our frames either set would do you well, but I like the added weight of the largest steel crossbar.

To put the device on, you basically pull your balls forward, cradle the frame under them so the high sides of the oval are to either side of the loose scrotal skin and the front of the frame is pressing behind your balls, then slip a bar crosswise into the frame over the scrotum skin.

Now the one and only thing I can say negative about the FleshWrap is that this is not something that most men are going to be able to put on quickly the first time they try it. It took me quite a bit of patience and trial and error to get the hang of it. It’s also not something that’s going to work for the men whose balls ride tight against the body instead of hanging a bit.

The instructions on the back of the package said to start with larger frame and the smaller crossbar. After nearly 10 minutes of trying to coax my sack into the right position, my final victory was short-lived when the gf started to play with me and caused a right ball fallout. I switched to the large bar and had the same problem though the extra weight added a nice tug. Next was the small frame with the large bar which was a perfect fit, and by that time I had gotten to where I could put it on pretty quickly. Like I said… patience.

I had expected this to feel similar to result in the same sort of sensations that doing a cock-n-ball wrap with a cock ring gives, but this was better. This created pressure and/or a mild tugging in various areas from my perineum to the base of my dick every time I moved, while at the same time it increased the sensitivity in my balls. Enough to where even her hair or the warmth of her hand felt more intense than usual on them. Unfortunately all of these good sensations don’t do a damned thing for delaying ejaculation, so if that’s your goal you’ll likely be out of luck.

As with all reviews, I planned to ferret out all the bad things about FleshWrap along with the good, but other than the initial frustration in learning to put it on right there’s nothing bad to report. We’ve used mine a half dozen times so far, and it really does increase the pleasure, during sex and everything else we’ve done with it on.

Her point of view:

Let’s talk about oral play because, for a gal like me, the way this product thrusts a man’s package forward is as good as putting a “Please lick me” sign on it. With everything all trussed up like that, it’s super easy to give his balls some tongue play while I’ve got him in my mouth, without putting my hands in the way. I could get addicted to him using this male sex machine simply for that, so I’m sure you’ll understand why I’m thanking the manufacturer for using materials that don’t smell or taste like anything!