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Pink Lady Stamina Training UnitI’ve finally got my hands on my first Fleshlight, which has been a goal of mine since I had the luxury of getting my boyfriend the Bad Dragon Janine. The first thing that caught my attention on the screen about the Pink Lady STU was the internal texture. It’s very different from what I’d think the internal texture would look like. Inside you will find nubs lining the canal. These nubs will create the suction feeling.

The next thing that caught my attention was the claim of benefits to help your partner last longer. I’m not sure exactly how this is possible because basic knowledge tells you that if you stroke a cock long enough - it will cum. This doesn’t necessarily mean that it will make him last longer and no texture can change that. Instead it all depends on your rhythm and how you go about stroking him. Just using this STU Fleshlight is not going to make him last longer. If you want him to last longer, use a male masturbation machine slowly, and pause when he feels close. Pull him out of the stroker and apply pressure along the underside of the penis just below the head. This will help him last longer by stopping ejaculation. When he feels as if he can continue without cumming - continue. Don’t pinch him too hard or for too long. You’ll feel his cock twitch while you apply pressure.

The plastic container measures 10" long. The handle has an 8" circumference with grips to help ease the user. Inside the container, the Pink Lady STU can handle 4 of my fingers, which is a 6" circumference. It can also handle an 8.5" length.

When the Fleshlight arrived and I pulled it out of the box, the first thing I noticed was the smell of the material. Fleshlights are made of a Superskin material, which is a skin like material that is porous, but latex and phthalate free. This type of material isn’t the most body safe because it is porous, therefore, will harbor bacteria. It shouldn’t be shared unless it is with a condom because of this. Anyhow, back to the smell; the smell is sweet, but nasty smell. When you touch the material, you are left feeling somewhat greasy. Between the smell and the greasy feel; I find Fleshlight material to be very off-putting. It does feel really soft. If you remove it from the plastic case, the stroker is very floppy and squishy.

Caring for Superskin materials can be a pain because they aren’t very tough. You can tear it easily, plus being porous you will never be able to completely clean it. It is not recommended that you use soap on that material, but instead you should use alcohol and warm water. In order to keep the material from drying out and to keep it feeling soft - it is recommended that you coat it in cornstarch. This means you will have to clean it before and after every use and make sure you coat it regularly. Talk about high maintenance, huh? Thankfully, the Superskin comes out of the plastic container and to make cleaning even easier, the bottom has an opening so you get a through cleaning. You can also leave the stroker inside of the container and remove the top and bottom cap for cleaning.

So how does it perform? My boyfriend was very put off by the feel and the smell of the material and I can’t stay I blame him. I wouldn’t be thrilled with something like this. However, he is a good sport and helped me test this Fleshlight.

Lubricant wasn’t a necessity to penetrate the Pink Lady because of the soft material. He slid in easily, but it was cold by the time I managed to get him hard enough to allow him to penetrate it. Superskin does retain heat, but you have to move fast if you want it warm.

I began to stroke him slowly, so he could take time to really feel the texture. I could hear the sounds from the suction going on. You know, the whistling sounds that happen sometimes, but if you remove the cap on the back – the sound doesn’t happen as much. With the friction of stroking, the material did warm up to body temperature, which makes the experience much more realistic.

I asked him “how does the inside feel?” He said that it felt nice. Not the same as a vagina, but it’s not made to feel like that. He said it felt like small circular pillows squishing and sucking his cock. (If I stick my fingers inside and stroke, I’d have to agree that this is a good description of how it feels.)

As I said before, just using the STU isn’t enough to make him last longer. So, I would start slow, work up to faster, and pull it off of him to apply pressure on the underside of his cock just under the head. Doing this does make him last longer than normal. So, there really is no need for me to make him last longer because most of the time he can go longer than I can.

The Good

  • Textured
  • Plastic protection container
  • Realistic design

The Bad

  • Porous
  • High maintenance
  • Smell
  • Greasy feel

Overall, my bf does enjoy using the Pink Lady STU, but he doesn’t enjoy it as much as he enjoys his Janine from Bad Dragon. And we both agreed that the Pink Lady STU was worthy of 3 out of 5 stars. We took off 1 star for the porous material and high maintenance care and another for the smell and feel. We do still think that it’s a good enough product to recommend so as long as you know you won’t be put off by the smell and feel, but also if you won’t mind the extra care you need to do to the material.