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What Is The Pink Lady Original Fleshlight?

Fleshlight Pink Lady OriginalOne of the more realistic entrances I’ve seen… A lot are just super fake looking.

Well, it’s Steven A. Shubin’s original Fleshlight. The one that started it all, the Fleshlight that begat all the newer versions. It’s the first massively successful vulvagina simulator and the first male sex toy to have any sort of mainstream brand recognition… and it’s all because of the case.

You see, the case (if you’ve been in a cave for years, or just don’t follow these things) looks like a super sized flashlight.

It’s something that Joe Anypenis-haver could keep put up somewhere and not be as outwardly sex-implementy as a “Jenna Jameson Super Pussy Of A Thousand Orgasms With Super Magic Real Boob Flesh 3000 ULTRA-XL”

(Seriously though… It’s more inconspicuous than a lot of fake vulvaginas, but still pretty recognizable!)

The Pink Lady has a semi-realistic vulva entrance, then the tunnel is completely smooth all the way through.

What’s The Pink Lady Original Made Of?

Fleshlight calls the material “SuperSkin” but a few quick searches turn up US5807360 and US5782818 (both US patent numbers) that state.

The preferred elastomeric gel is formed from a mixture of plasticizing oil and a block copolymer selected from styrene ethylene butylene styrene block copolymers and styrene ethylene propylene styrene block copolymers. The preferred elastomeric gel is formed from a mixture of 5-9% by weight of the block copolymer and 90-94% by weight of the plasticizing oil, and trace amounts of pigments and filler.

Steven A. Shubin

Inventor Of Fleshlight

Essentially, the Fleshlight insert is made of very specific formulations of TPE (thermoplastic elastomers). TPE is widely used in the production of male masturbatory items because it has a wide range of possibilities… Hard, Soft? All possible with TPE’s, it’s just a matter of finding the right formula for the wanted application.

Fleshlight’s formula is designed to have the “general tactile feel of human flesh” (it’s supposed to feel realistic), but Fleshlight actually has done something most other manufacturers of male items haven’t.

They’ve avoided phthalates, making their toys some of the safest for men.

The outer casing is made of a hard plastic and doesn’t need much clarification.

How To Take Care Of The Pink Lady Original Fleshlight

First and foremost, I’d pull the insert out. It’s got a plastic dowel in it to hold the tunnel open (that will absolutely shred your finger or the tip of your penis if you try to use it without knowing the dowel is there) that has to be removed.

After the dowel is gone, I’d give it a good rinse to clean any chemicals from the manufacturing process off.

To Clean The Pink Lady Fleshlight:

Use warm water. If you are planning to use it immediately, don’t worry about letting it dry. If, however you’ve just used it and cleaned it, I recommend laying the insert somewhere so it can dry well.

The case is pretty straight forward to clean… I unscrew both caps and run HOT water through it, wiping the inside well with a soft rag and rinsing it out completely before laying the pieces beside the insert to dry. There are 4 total pieces, so you’ll need a bit of space to let it dry adequately.

Prepping and Lubing Your Fleshlight

The Fleshlight doesn’t necessarily require all of this prep (I often skip most of it) but the recommended prep is to pull the insert out of the case and submerge it in warm-hot water for 10-15 minutes, which both warms the material up and makes it more pliable. If I’m planning on using any of my Fleshlight products (I’ve got the Lady Lager, The Jenna Haze Butt, and now the Pink Lady Original), I usually just wrap them in my electric heating pad and let them lay there absorbing warmth for a while leading up to use.

As far as lubing any Fleshlight sleeve? Stick to water based lubes only, as oil and silicone based lubes can cause issues with the material. My go to lube for Fleshlight play is ID Glide because it is both cheap (you can get a HUGE bottle for about $20) and super slippery. You’ll want to lube yourself AND the toy (which is why a cheap SLICK lube is nice) well, and then get to “work”.

Storing/Maintaining Your Fleshlight

Storing a Fleshlight is super simple once it’s been cleaned and dried well… You put the insert in the can and screw the ends on and then just put it up wherever! As far as maintaining the skin-tastic feel (the material can get quite tacky feeling after a wash), Fleshlight sells a powder, but it’s sort of expensive. I use a baby powder from Wally World that is 100% corn starch (and costs $3 bucks for enough to do a factory full of Fleshlights), but you could also use just plain corn starch from your grocer… Unless you are allergic to corn, then I’d recommend finding a similar powder that isn’t made from corn!

My Experience With The Pink Lady Original Fleshlight

I rinsed the Pink Lady Original well, then set it up warming and waited a bit. I threw on some porn (nothing in particular, just an amateur blowjob vid from Xhamster) and just watched for a bit, getting turned on (much easier to get started with a Fleshlight if you are already hard/semi-hard). After a few minutes passed, I grabbed the insert and slipped it in the case and tore the little lube sample open and got to work…. I’d keep scissors nearby for the lube pouch, as it wasn’t easy to rip open.<

I squirted lube into the Fleshlight and then coated myself liberally… You’ll want to go a little overboard with the lube even though it gets kinda messy, as it makes it feel much better. Too little lube and it starts feeling quite grabby on your shaft, which isn’t fun (and can even lead to shaft chafing).

Then I slowly pressed in…

It felt great… The warm SuperSkin spreading to take me, sliding down over my head, was very nice… I personally found the lack of texture to be very blah. It’s quite tight and feels alright, but I’ve developed a taste for a bit of variance in texture in the tunnels of masturbation tools.

However, as I stroked on, I found that as the lube lost some of it’s slicktivity and I became more aroused the tunnel got more clench-y around me and it got better (and better and better) until I eventually came fairly hard.

It definitely beats just a plain “man and his hand” orgasm.

Overall Opinion Of The Fleshlight Pink Lady Original


The Pink Lady Original Fleshlight is still a pretty great male masturbation aid, even if it was one of the first “mainstream” toys for men. It feels pretty good, is super easy to clean (as opposed to toys with a closed end). The Fleshlight brand refreshing powder is a bit of a ripoff and you can substitute pure cornstarch from your local grocer (It’s literally the same thing.) for substantially cheaper. For just $49 bucks it’s really a steal, especially considering the fact that most cheaper male toys are made of VERY questionable materials that could leave you with chemical burns on your cock.