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Fleshlight Flight PilotThis week I’ve got another Fleshlight for you all, but this one is a bit special. Today I am going to be reviewing the Fleshlight Flight, with the Pilot texture. So, why is the Flight special? It’s because of its size. Regular Fleshlights are fairly bulky. The Fleshlight Flight is conveniently sized and comes in a much fancier looking case.

There are two different Flight models that Fleshlight offers. They have the Pilot (which is what is being reviewed here) and the Instructor. The two are different because of the inner texture. I’ll just say this now, it’s a very solid and capable texture. What’s really weird is that this texture is pretty much the same texture as the Fleshlight Stoya Destroya, which I wasn’t a huge fan of, only shrunk down. I wouldn’t have thought that making the texture smaller would have improved it that much, but it certainly did.

As I stated earlier, what makes the Flight models special is their size. A regular Fleshlight, such as the Fleshlight Vortex, is 10" tall in its case. In comparison, the Flight is 8" tall, a full 20% shorter. The Flight case is also much more stylish in design. Granted, the original Fleshlights are designed to look like a flashlight, not the most stylish thing in the world. The Flight has graceful lines and is just cool looking. That said, one of my biggest complaints about the Flight has to do with the case but I’ll get to that in a bit.

So, does the smaller size have any drawbacks in comparison to the regular Fleshlight Toys? To be honest, not that I can see. In fact, I prefer the smaller size as I find it easier to hold, less bulky, and easier to store. The only problem I can see arising from the smaller form factor would be if you are really, really well-endowed. If you measure over 8", the smaller size may be a hindrance. I am not that big (thankfully) so it’s not a problem for me.

Another thing that I should mention about the Flight line of Fleshlights is the orifice. These are considered their stealth line of toys, so instead of getting a realistic vagina or butt entry, you receive a kind of generic, whirlpool looking entrance. It probably won’t do much to stimulate you visually, but I don’t think the lack of a realistic body part entrance is that big of a loss. The Flight, while still made of Fleshlight’s patented Real Feel Super Skin material (which is excellent), is clear as well. If you take the sex machine for men out of the case you can watch your dick sliding in and out. I tried that but didn’t do much for me, visually speaking. Still, I know that some guys really like that feature.

Let’s talk a bit about the new case. I love the way it looks, but there is one thing that I hate about it. The bottom of the case on a regular Fleshight is flat. This means that you can put the Fleshlight down and any lube or bodily fluids will not spill out. The base of the Flight is angled, making it impossible to stand it up straight up on its base. I find this highly annoying. Let’s say you pour some lube into your Fleshlight and then remember you forgot to put your porn DVD in the player. You can’t just set the Flight down and not worry about lube spilling out. You could lay it down on its side and the angle is probably extreme enough that stuff wouldn’t spill out, but the case can still roll around. You could also put the cap back on and stand it up on its top, but then all the lube spills out into the cap. Anyway, I think you get the point. This design flaw, and yes, I consider it a flaw, is by far my biggest complaint about the Fleshlight Flight. If it weren’t for the angled base I’d say that the new case is a home run. It is easier to handle, I think it looks snazzy and due to its smaller size it is much easier to store.

One more thing about the case. Like all Fleshlight cases, the bottom cap (the stupidly angled one on the Flight) is used to regulate how much suction is created when you are using the Flight. With it screwed on tightly, you get maximum suction. The more you loosen it, the less suction you get. I have found that I like a lot of suction with this Fleshlight. I leave the cap screwed on all the way. With any Fleshlight, I highly recommend experimenting with the level of suction. There have been times when I did not like a Fleshlight at first, but experimenting with the suction made all the difference in the world. The level of suction can completely change the way the Fleshlight feels.

Speaking of how it feels, how is the Flight? It’s good, borderline very good. It’s not one of my all time favorites but it is highly enjoyable. I still prefer the Vortex or the STU but I also really enjoy the Flight. I find it a good combination of intense and mellow. If I want to keep the intensity high, I have found that keeping the head of my penis in about the middle of the toy, where you see the fang like texture, and using short strokes, is very effective. If I use longer strokes it mellows out quite a bit. This is great if you want to have an extended session.

One last thing, and this holds true for all Fleshlights, to get the best experience, you want to heat the Fleshlight up first. A ten minute soak in the sink with some hot water will do the trick. While it’s a bit of a pain in the butt, and takes some of the spontaneity out of the experience, a warm Fleshlight is a much better experience than a cold, room temperature one. That said, you can use them at room temperature and they still feel good.

Cleaning the Flight is a simple and easy process. You just remove the sleeve from the case, run some water and a bit of gentle soap through it and you’re pretty much good to go. You want to let the sleeve dry thoroughly before storing it. If the material starts to get tacky, you can sprinkle some corn starch on it to make it feel brand new again.


  • Realistic feeling material
  • Sleek design
  • Solidly good feeling inner texture
  • Smaller case has many advantages


  • Stupid angled case bottom makes standing it up impossible

Overall, I quite like the Fleshlight Flight Pilot. While not my favorite Fleshlight, it’s a worthy addition to the Fleshlight lineup. I really like the size of the new case, I find it easier to manage and store and it just feels good in the hand. If it weren’t for the angled base, the new case design would be about perfect.

A quick note, if you like the idea of fucking a Fleshlight in the shower, the Fleshlight shower mount now comes with an adapter to fit the Fleshlight Flight.