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Fantasy X-tensions Vibrating Couples CagePipedream’s Fantasy X-tensions Vibrating Couples Cage comes with the extension, a mini bullet, 2 LR 41 watch batteries, 1 packet of Toy Cleaner, and 1 packet of Moist Lubricant (I did not try the Moist Lubricant with the sleeve due to not having a list of ingredients to check for sensitivities). Like most Pipedream products, the box is made of sturdy cardboard with the product image clearly displayed on the front with a description of use on the back. Though not discrete or good for storage, the box is nice for an in store setting to evaluate the product before buying.

The couples cage is a light pink color with cut-out hearts along the shaft and a 1" head that adds length to the penis or male sex machine you choose to insert. The inner length is 6 inches with an inner diameter is 1.25 inches the cage can be considered “girly” and some men may refuse to use the product due to the color or pattern. Lucky for me, the bf has no care as to the color or pattern of any toys that we have. To get the cage on without struggling or causing pain, the penis or toy needs to be lubed enough to slide the cage on but not so much that the cage slides around during intercourse. Finding the exact amount needed is difficult and does take some experimenting. The sliding during intercourse is only slight but is more noticeable due to the clitoral arm no longer in the right place.

Since I do not have a penis, I had my bf try his best to explain to me what he liked and disliked about the extension. For comparison purposes, bf’s penis is 4.5 inches long with a girth of 1.27 inches. “The cage was too long for my penis. I had at least 1 inch of room between the head of my penis and the inside tip of the sleeve. Even though it was too long, the sleeve was tight around my girth especially at the base where it felt almost too tight on me. The sleeve decreased the amount of sensation that I could feel allowing me to last much longer in bed than usual. It felt more like a dry hand stroking sensation from the pressure of the cage around my shaft than the usual feeling of my gfs vaginal canal. Though it is tight, I did have some issues with starting to become soft during intercourse due to the lack of sensation. When my gfs PC muscles were tight against me, I had no problem, but when her PC muscles would relax I felt like I was starting to go soft. I was faintly able to feel the vibrations which added a small amount of pleasure but not enough to truly enhance the experience for me. Removal is as easy as pulling the cage off when you are finished. The sleeve was easy to clean with warm water and toy cleaner then left to air dry before putting away. Though this is not my favorite toy, this is something that I would reach for in the future.”

The bullet can be inserted before or after the couples cage has been slipped on and is easily turned on even after insertion. The bullet fits perfectly into the rabbit extension of the cage. The rabbit ears reach 3 inches from the base of the cage and 1.75 inches from the top of the bullet compartment. The bullet has a screw off cap to insert the included 2 LR-41 watch batteries and an on/off push button on the cap. Though the box stated the bullet had 3 settings, I was unable to find how to switch between them. I turned the bullet on/off multiple times without noticing any changes in speed or pattern. Though buzzy, the bullet is fairly powerful for its small size. It is not strong enough to get me off on its own but the added sensation during intercourse is a nice addition. The batteries are hard to find in store but can easily be found online. My only real complaint with the bullet is that the rubber cap of the push button tore after only a few uses. The bullet can still be used making it only a minor cosmetic blemish.

The box lists the sleeve as being made from phthalate-free TPR and the bullet from ABS plastic. TPR is considered to be only a 6 on the safety scale due to the porous nature of the material. This product is best not being shared between partners and can only be clean with warm water and toy cleaner or mild soap meaning that bacteria, fungus, or mildew can begin to grow on the toy . The sleeve has a very slight plastic smell to it that is neither pleasant or unpleasant. If you notice an unpleasant smell or damage to the toy (tears, dark spots, melting, etc.), throw the toy away immediately as it is no longer safe to be used.

If the sleeve was made from a non-porous material such as silicone, the rating would be a 4/5. For under $35, I think this is a good couples cage for someone who wants to last longer in bed or is looking to add a little girth and length to their penis size. The added clitoral arm will not work for everyone but is a nice bonus for those it does fit.


  • Delays Ejaculation
  • For Average to Slightly Above Average Men
  • Snug Fit
  • Clitoral Stimulation


  • Batteries are LR 41 Watch Batteries
  • Too Tight at Base
  • Can Shift During Sex