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Clean Male Sex MachineNot at all. Although difficult cleaning processes plagued the sex machines of the past, today's models have adapted to the recommendations and critique of millions and millions of customers, and through some serious steps taken by manufacturers and designers, I can honestly say that cleaning has never been easier.

Most male sex machines are equipped with one of two things, based upon their style: a removable sleeve, and/or an open-ended design. Removable sleeves can be interchanged with other sleeves if one is misplaced or broken for some reason, and can also be easily and quickly cleaned with some warm water, soap, and toy cleaner. Open-ended designs don't have removable sleeves, but one can remove the opposite endcap, and simply rinse the unit through. It's simple, easy, and effective.

As for the maintenance of today's machines, it really is a non-factor. Simply allowing them to dry through is half the battle, while the other half is comprised of assuring storage in a cool and dry place. It really is easy.

But for those who are unaware of these cleaning steps, let's take a brief look at them:

Skimmer alert: Read the following steps to learn how to easily clean and maintain your male sex machine!

  1. Rinse your device with warm soap and water, and if applicable through the device's instructions and use guidelines, some disinfectant toy cleaner.
  2. Allow your device to dry in an environment with a good airflow and ventilation. DO NOT place it near vents or indirect heat or sunlight to speed up the drying process, as doing so can lead to irreparable damage. A product-approved drying power (which can be bought online, and is available for very affordable prices) and a quick swipe or two with a clean towel are safe ways to make your device dry and ready for storage.
  3. Once these steps have been taken, you can go ahead and place your device in its designated storage area. Male sex machines should be stored in cool and dry areas, and once again, shouldn't be exposed to things like air vents and direct sunlight.

Talk about telling the truth - I wasn't kidding when I said it was easy! And in addition to being easy, the cleaning process behind male sex toys is of the utmost importance, as failing to keep a device maintained can reduce its structural integrity and overall feeling.

I'm not particularly proud of this story, but it relates directly to the broader point here.

Failing to clean a sex toy can have some devastating consequences. I understand that now and hopefully you will too after reading this story.

Clean Male Sex MachinesBack in the day, when I was a young, sex-crazed, pleasure-device novice, I didn't treat my male sex machine with much respect. I had a steady girlfriend who I'd rather be spending time with, and when I did find an instance where my machine would be useful, I used it and tossed it, without administering a proper cleaning.

A friend of mine who was a bit older always looked at me with disgust when I brought this general practice up; I know now that this is because he was much wiser than I am. One day, though, I seemed to push him well over the edge.

"And then I humped and dumped my sex toy in the trash" I said to him. "It just doesn't provide that much pleasure anymore."

His face turned bright red and he began to shake.

"Humped and dumped?" he repeated slowly. "Doesn't provide that much pleasure?"


"Quite a bit" I replied, unmoved by his anger (which was actually a love for sex machines).

Long story short, the bet was that I couldn't take a shower for a whole month, and if my girlfriend was still into me after this month, my friend would apologize and never bring the topic up again.

"Let's see how much pleasure you provide when unclean" he said as he laughed manically.

The first days went good, it was business as usual in the sack. After a week I still smelled alright, but I can tell by my girlfriend's looks and cues that she knew about my lack of washing (but was too nice to bring it up; she'd simply leave me instead!).

I took a proactive step in attempting to preserve my relationship by always being "busy" when she wanted to meet. I had more doctors' appointments, family functions, and unexpected car breakdowns that month than I have in my entire life.

On the last week of the month, I agreed to see her again; a certain bodily function that every woman experiences on a monthly basis assured me that there wouldn't be any action. I took her to a public and airy location - the ice-skating rink - where anyone could smell. There would be no identifying that it was me.

Everything was going well until I found myself outside of the rink, behind the building, with my girlfriend ready to perform an act that every man enjoys - but very few get to experience in public.

"I don't think that's a good idea" I said. "I'm not in the mood, really. And look at the time!"

But she wasn't sold. "Just because it's my time of the month doesn't mean that I can't make you happy".

All at once, my pants fell down, and my beautiful girlfriend was blasted with an incomprehensible odor. I don't want to get too detailed in describing what happened next, but needless to say, I never saw her again. I also had to pay for her medical bills.

My friend was right - it's hard to provide or receive pleasure when not properly and regularly cleaned. The ease of the process is also worth considering, as today, I shower and clean my new male sex machine every day.

Enjoy - and remember to keep your device clean.