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Automatic Sex MachinesAutomatic sex machines for men have become popular, and many guys are now buying their own blowjob toy to help them shoot a load off when there’s no lady to do it for them. But, despite these products’ popularity, a lot of dudes are wondering: are these things really safe for me to use?

The answer is invariably “Yes”. A lot of research has gone into developing and improving sex toys, and the technology nowadays has vastly evolved to the point where manufacturers have the ability to create high-quality products. As a result, most automatic sex machines in the market today are designed not just to offer sexual pleasure but also to help maintain health and safety. Manufacturers ensure that their toys don’t have sharp edges that can damage the sensitive penile skin, and they see to it that their products are soft and smooth enough to avoid causing abrasion.

Many automatic sex machines nowadays are also made with premium-quality materials that are phthalate-free. Phthalates have been found to cause several illnesses including cancer, which is why manufacturers try to keep them away from products - particularly those that have contact with the sensitive areas of the body. A lot of blowjob toys are also hypoallergenic, although there are still several models that are made of rubber and can be dangerous for those who have a latex allergy.

Automatic Sex Machines Are Safe, but They Need TLC

As mentioned above, automatic sex machines are built to be safe for people. But, just like any other device, their safety and performance highly depend on how they’re used. If you expose your laptop to water, allow it to get muddy, and use it for hours without giving it a rest, you can’t expect it to last for years. The same principle holds true for blowjob machines; take care of them and they’ll give you great performance for a long time, but abuse them and they’ll have short lifespan.

Fortunately, taking care of your automatic sex machines doesn’t involve any complicated processes. It just requires you to clean your toys after each use. Most male masturbators can be cleaned using soap and warm water, optionally followed by an antibacterial cleaner. However, it’s important to read your owner’s manual to know exactly how to clean your toy since different materials have different cleaning requirements.

Why is it essential to clean your automatic sex machines after shooting off your load of jizz? Well, here’s the thing: bacteria are naturally present in your semen and on the skin of your penis, and they can transfer to your blowjob toy while you pump your peen in and out of it. These bacteria are harmless in low levels but, when they’re allowed to proliferate in the right environment (e.g. the dark and dank interiors of your male masturbator), they can grow to large numbers and become dangerous to your health. So, the next time you dip your dick in your still-sticky blowjob machine, you’ll be exposed to large amounts of bacteria, which can cause infections and lead to red, itchy skin and other symptoms.

Automatic Sex Machines: No Sharing and Using in Water

Aside from cleaning your automatic sex machines, you should also avoid sharing them with other people. Sharing your sex toys with others is one of the things that make them unsafe since it turns them into a vehicle that passes bacteria from one person to another. So, if your pals have sexually transmitted diseases and they use your blowjob machine, there’s a high chance that you’ll catch their STDs the next time you use your toy.

Another thing that you shouldn’t do with your oral sex machine is to use them in water. This is particularly true if they’re battery-powered or if they have to be plugged in to a wall outlet while in use. These products use only a small amount of electricity, and they’re specially designed so that their electrical components are separated from the parts that actually touch your penis. So, when used correctly, they’re highly safe to use and won’t electrocute your dick. It’s different, though, when you expose them to water, which can damage their electrical parts and cause them to short-circuit. This can expose you to the risk of electrocution while damaging your blowjob machine and turning your hard-earned money to waste.